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gun whales
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Default Rodney Crowell

Who else here loves him?
I heard "Earthbound" years ago, and I loved him ever since.
However, I only just bought Fates Right Hand the other day, and I've gotta say, I'm really digging it.
He's so poetic and soulful in his lyrics.
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rodney is a song writter, thats for sure,....
alot of people dont relize the hits he's half of the hits he's written for other people
i changed my mind; i changed my mind;now i'm feeling different

all that time, wasted
i wish i was a little more delicate
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my name was clementine - sarah jaffe
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Cool Rodney Crowell is THE man!!

The Houston Kid, Fates Right Hand, The Outsider, Sex and Gasoline are all must have cd's. In Rodney's early career he was the bandleader for Emmy Lou Harris, and following that has a limited solo career in the 80-90's. With the release of The Houston Kid, Rodney said.....**** it!....I'm doing what I want to do, screw success....and that led to guessed it...success!
I've been lucky enought to see him with the full band locally (DC) and he puts on one hell of a show.

The following are the lyrics to some of my favorite Rodney lyrics...hope you enjoy:

Dancin' Circles Round The Sun (Epictetus Speaks)

Disregard what don't concern you, don't let disappointment turn you
Avoid adopting other people's views
Know what you can and can't control, don't let envy take a toll
It's nothing more than weather passing through
When your back's against the wall, when you're headed for a fall
The tables set to make a run Dancin' Circles Round The Sun

Through action wisdom is revealed and too much talk is like a shield
In silence lies the keys to how we grow
When focused on the truth at hand, the critics try to make you bland
But they don't understand what they don't know
Make your own cracks in the sky, grit your teeth and learn to fly
And when the right thing has been done, you'll be Dancin' Circles Round The Sun

Forgive the ones who meant to harm you, don't let superstition charm you
Conform your wishes only to what's real
Your reputation doesn't matter, let idle gossip chirp and chatter
No one else can tell you how you feel
In between the masks you wear, wash your face and comb your hair
You're not hurting anyone Dancin' Circles Round the Sun

Your mind cries out to God alone, please send me someone I can own
Your soul says son you're walking on thin ice
Possession in the broadest sense, compounded by coincidence
When all it takes is one roll of the dice
In between the good and bad, think of all the fun you had
It's the same for everyone Dancin' Circles Round The Sun

Evolution comes in fits, it stops and starts, it coughs and spits
Picasso and Mile Davis come to mind
True artists, bold unbridled passion, no concern for fad or fashion
Sexy beasts in love with woman kind
Bend the rules until it breaks, stand your ground until it shakes
That's the way to get things done Dancin' Circles Round The Sun

Hey, sod convention let's have fun Dancin' Circles Round the Sun

Fates Right Hand

Cool as a rule you don't learn in no school
You can't brown nose the teacher from a dunce hat stool
It's the hum and the rhythm of the birds and the bees
The momma's and the poppa's and the monkeys in the trees
It's the brothers and the sisters living life on the street
Play a hunch pull the punch and you'll likely get beat
By the junk food tattooed white dude true blued
Honky with an attitude coming unglued

Fate's Right Hand.....I don't understand at all

Redrum dot com dim sum smart bombs
Double cappuccino and a heart like a tom tom
Ozone long gone that's it I quit
Natural inclination says enough of this
brat pack black jack heart attack crack
We need another news channel like a hole in the back
There's a 187 on the 405
And we all go to heaven on a hard disk drive

Fate's right hand.....I don't understand at all

Billy loves women like a junky loves dope
Give him just enough rope and the monkey gon choke
She's a Bill Blass combo maxed out mombo
D.K.N.Y. caught him in a lie
Ken Starr word man were talking absurd
Spending forty million dollars just to give a man the bird
He's a king she's a queen so the rap won't stick
Get it on with a rubber and you won't get sick

Fate's right hand.....I don't under stand at all
Fate's right hand.....I don't under stand at all

Time To Go Inward

It's Time To Go Inward take a look at myself
Time to make the most of the time that I've got left
Prison bars imagined are no less solid steel

Time to go inward would you believe that I'm afraid
To stare down the barrel of the choices I have made
The ghost of bad decisions make mountains out of everything I feel

Outside my window the wind weaves a path through the trees
The moon takes a shine to the shadows that fall on the leaves

It's time to go inward Hmmm
I don't know if I can do it after all that I've become
I've been a fool for money but it's vanity that always leaves me flat

It's time to go inward man I hope I have the nerve
To take an inventory of the causes that I serve
They say a man without a conscience is like a man without a country
or something like that

It's time to go inward time to be still
If I don't do it now I don't believe I ever will
My mind is like a chatterbox whose noise pollutes the pathways
to my soul

Time to go inward time to get a grip
Time to put an end to one long bad acid trip
I'm all out of excuses for the way I've let my choices take a toll

Jesus and Buddah and Krishna and Minnie Pearl knew
Do unto other the things you want done unto you

Time to go inward take a look at me
Try to make some sense of life's illusions that I see
Try to solve the riddle of what it is I have to offer to this world

Ridin’ Out The Storm

The New York City winter comes in cold grey sheets of steel
The numbness in his hands and feet is all that he can feel
Alcohol and sterno turns a doorway to a bed
And the ghost of who he might have been lives on inside his head

In a canyon made of brownstone on a sidewalk icy black
He wanders nearly barefoot with his righteousness in tact
A man of many mansions in a cardboard box replete
He lies sleeping with an angel while his heart pretends to beat

The wind blows down on Lonely Street like an ice pick through the air

Midst the Sunday times and coffee grinds and wino's in Times Square
Five flights up on Easy Street you know she's safe and warm
Way down low neath a foot of snow he's riding out the storm

I offered him my winter coat politely he refused
Like an educated man he spoke with words I seldom use
He said I don't need pity for these choices are my own
He bowed his head just slightly and quietly moved along

Its not like he's a victim of the homeless life he stalks
Nor helpless to get back across the fine line that he walks
Riding out the storm means yesterday's already spent
Tomorrow don't mean nothing it won't even make a dent
Ridin' Out The Storm (Rodney Crowell)


I could shed my skin and in the blink of an eye I could fly fly fly
Tie my dreams up in a sack and lay my head down on the track and die die die
My life's been so sweet I just can't stand it
I must admit I've made out like a bandit

Last night's conversation with a real good friend of mine drinkin wine
wine wine
Said fifty years of livin and your worst mistakes forgiven it just takes time
time time
One man's lust for life brings world renown
And the next guy can't get two feet off the ground...... he's Earthbound

(Earthbound)....hear the wind through the tops of the trees
(Earthbound)....summer sun nearly ninety degrees
(Earthbound)....big ol' moon sinking down...... think I might stick

I knew love once way back when she had almond eyes and olive skin
And long black hair
She was Irish Spanish mix breed I was southeast Texas hayseed
We were almost there
Her daddy did not like my kind around
My true love took the next train out of town......earthbound

(Earthbound)....where there's fathers and daughters in pain
(Earthbound)....mama's boy walking home in the rain
(Earthbound) a ship run aground I think I might stick around

With each new day that passes I'm in need of thicker glasses but it's
all O K
Someday I'll be leaving but I just can't help believing that it's not
Every golden moment I have found
I've done my best to run right in the ground.....earthbound

(Earthbound)....see the sky big and beautiful blue
(Earthbound)....fallen angels come callin' for you
(Earthbound....keepin' close to the ground think I might stick around
EEarthbound)....Tom Waits, Aretha Franklin, Mary Karr
(Earthbound)....Walter Cronkite, Seamus Heaney, Ringo Starr
(Earthbound)….Dalai Lama, Charlie Brown make me wanna stick around
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