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Default The Ukraine-Russia Debate

Okay. Today I've been doing a bit of reading and have found this article:

Ukraine’s Kiev Regime is not “Officially” A Neo-Nazi Government | Global Research

Allegedly the US have been supplying arms to neo-Nazi groups from Ukraine.

Of significance, the National Guard of Ukraine is directly financed by the Obama administration, with a view to protecting American style democracy in Ukraine.
Another entity –which is part of The Ukraine National Guard– is The Azov Battalion (Батальйон Азов). The Azov Battalion -which displays the Nazi SS emblem– (below left) is described by the Kiev regime as “a volunteer battalion of territorial defense”. It’s a National Guard battalion under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Officially based in Berdyank on the Sea of Azov, it was formed by the regime to fight the opposition insurgency in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. It is also financed by the US administration.

Another interesting article from the same website:

Ukraine, “Colored Revolutions”, Swastikas and the Threat of World War III | Global Research

But, after some further reading it appears the first known swastika is from Ukraine:

The earliest swastika ever found was uncovered in Mezine, Ukraine, carved on an ivory figurine, which dates an incredible 12,000 years, and one of the earliest cultures that are known to have used the Swastika was a Neolithic culture in Southern Europe, in the area that is now Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as the Vinca Culture, which dates back around 8,000 years. - See more at: The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history | Ancient Origins
“Come here,” he growled, beckoning angrily.

I remained frozen in place.

“Don’t you go spreading your lies,” he barked as he strode toward us. “This isn’t a swastika. This is an ancient Slavic symbol. Swa is the god of the sky.”
A Week on the Battlefields of Ukraine | New Republic

In saying that, it appears some groups "freedom fighters" from Ukraine are applying neo-Nazi ideologies:

In Ukraine, while the protests began with students, it's true that they did soon broaden to include groups that might be labelled "fascist." In particular, Yanukovych's fascist argument apparently refers to far-right Ukrainian nationalist groups, such as Svoboda or Pravy Sektor, who have been a prominent part of the Euromaidan protests. Svoboda ("Freedom" in Ukrainian) is kind of a modern European nationalist party, in line with British National Party or the French National Front, but, much like those parties, it has a pretty murky past. In its original form as the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU), for example, it had a rather swastika-like logo, and as recently as 2004, party leader Oleh Tyahnybok was giving speeches demanding Ukraine rally against the "Muscovite-Jewish mafia."
Both Ukrainian and Venezuelan protesters have been called fascists. Why? - The Washington Post

In other news:

Today I learned that Moscow imposed a one year ban on all meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables from the United States, the 28 European Union countries, Canada, Australia and non-EU member Norway. Russia has banned imports from US, EU, Australia.

NZ escapes Russia's ban on Western food imports |

Interestingly New Zealand was not on the list.

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I think the US does not want a war with Russia.
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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
I think the US does not want a war with Russia.
Of course not: Exxon Mobil starts drilling in Russia's Arctic


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Originally Posted by Zaqarbal View Post
What does that have to do with us going to war with Russia?
Originally Posted by J.R.R. Tolkien
There is only one bright spot and that is the growing habit of disgruntled men of dynamiting factories and power-stations; I hope that, encouraged now as ‘patriotism’, may remain a habit! But it won’t do any good, if it is not universal.
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