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Old 08-31-2022, 08:48 PM   #1 (permalink)
Born to be mild
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Default Google your username!

You never know what you may find!
Apparently there's a French folk metal band

an item in Warcraft is a troll heart

Trollheart's Soul Radio on Tumblr

Something to do with Space Wolves(?)

A magic waistguard in some other game?

Um, I think a fanfic story about Trolls?

Something in Russian I think

This one is quite funny. I feel it's one of those search engine deals which just gives you a generic result and throws your search term in. Otherwise, it looks like I have a pretty inactive profile on OnlyFans!

Hey not bad, considering I thought I invented the name way way back in about 1985!
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Zum Henker Defätist!!
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Bow ye unworthy heads and torsoes to Basil the Bat Lord!

Originally Posted by J.R.R. Tolkien
There is only one bright spot and that is the growing habit of disgruntled men of dynamiting factories and power-stations; I hope that, encouraged now as ‘patriotism’, may remain a habit! But it won’t do any good, if it is not universal.
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Old 09-01-2022, 01:19 AM   #3 (permalink)
Juicious Maximus III
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Hey, it's Jucious Maximus the Third (aka Captain Loogie aka The Phlegm Master aka Guybrush).

Something Completely Different
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the bantering battleaxe
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googling my username does not give one single hit about Mary Monday. Outrageous. Apparently there is a 'business analyst' (wtf is that even?) called Marie Monday though. A lot of the hits are about a woman called Eva Marie.
An image search at least gives Marie from the aristocats <3

and a children's book cover that looks relatable:

ps. I want a Basil the Batlord lego man

Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
You sound like Buffy after they dragged her back from Heaven.
Originally Posted by WWWP View Post
I want to open a school for MB's lost boys and teach them basic coping skills and build up their self esteem and strengthen their emotional intelligence and teach them about vegetables and institutionalized racism and sexism and then they'll all build a bronze statue of me in my honor and my bronzed titties will forever be groped by the grubby paws of you ****ing whiny pathetic white boys.
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Call me Mustard
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Um, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Pet_Sounds View Post
But looking for quality interaction on MB is like trying to stay hydrated by drinking salt water.
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Just Keep Swimming...
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See location...
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Be aware of the psyop
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That's me listening to hemi sync meditations at night before bed lol^
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Old 09-01-2022, 08:24 AM   #8 (permalink)
???pp? ??snW
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My username happens to be the same as the acronym for a local newspaper in eastern Norway, so I mostly get results for that (given that my search engine prioritises Norwegian results). If I put in my old name, it's mostly stuff relating to those Pixies songs, with some of my older posts on here sprinkled in between
lasty|rate-y music-y
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