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Talking Rock N' Roll

alright hey people.. i wrote this a long time ago.. there are a nice few bands talked about here.. and alot that should have been but are not.. this is just my opinion in rock music.. feel free to say whatever you want.. just thought i'd see what people would like to add and whatever haha.. yep!
Since the 1950's the blues had been a mix of R&B and soul music (for those who understood the blues). What once was the blues, and then turned into more of a drum beat, heavy guitars, which gave the blues a heavy new sound.
Was the world ready for the blues? As we like to call it, Rock N' Roll. The blues was also a mix of tempo and great voice. The lyrics were sexual, emotional, and even full of heart ache. On the other hand, the blues could make any one laugh or cry, because we’ve all be in the blues at least once.

Ray Charles was one of the greats of the blues. He could sing, and wrote his own lyrics. Like most singers that sang the blues, he had every reason to, he was blind, and everyone said he had no hope. Charles found his way made it threw drugs and unhappiness to a place called Rock N' Roll.

As the blues began to move into the 60's, it changed. The Righteous Brothers not only sang the blues to the highest of notes, but the duo showed the world that the blues wasn't only for colored people anymore. The Righteous Brothers were white men that sang Rock Music and very soulful music at that. All of their songs are touching in some ways. I think thanks to bands like the Righteous Brothers, in the 60's white people could sing the blues, and were welcomed to it.

When James Brown came into the picture, he took the blue to a whole new level. No more would the blues just be depressing music, for heart felt people. Brown wanted a groove to dance too. He made sex seem like the best thing on earth. He was famous for his very sexual dancing, while singing, and his very sexual lyrics. He started as a blues singer, and ran into R&B right around the corner was Rock N' Roll. Like Marvin ***e, Brown gave R&B a sexual side, something to make you want to listen to, not only to the instruments but the lyrics too.

While bands were still in between blues and R&B, came out the one of the most liked music's in the world, Rock N' Roll. Rock was amazing to us all. Weather we listened to it or not. No one could help but listen to the music that those from the past helped create. So sexual and exciting and unimaginable to anyone who grew up listening to the music in the 40's and 50’s?

Rock N' Roll was about to make a hit and run in the music industry. Elvis came and knocked all the young ladies on there knees. No one seen Elvis coming, his music would change the music industry in everyway imaginable. Elvis not only sang the blues, he sang country music. Elvis was not only white, but sang the lyrics of what some would say only a sexed crazed man would sing. When Elvis was on TV, the cameras were only aloud to shoot Elvis from the waist up, because of his wild dance moves. Elvis may have been the king of Rock N' Roll, but he sang lots of country, so in my eyes he was never the king.

The Mamas and The Papas were another great band from the 60's, they were Rock N' Roll at its hippest, they were all the rage for the hippies of there time. Mamas and the Papas weren't hard core Rock N' Roll they were soft rock, but were in fact rock of there time.

The Beatles then came out of England and gave America a try, little did they know, they would become the first world wide Rock N' Roll band in the world. Four young men in the band, and they all played instruments, and played Rock N' Roll. The Beatles never really wrote sexual lyrics, but were considered to be sexual icons. They were the biggest Rock N' Roll band in the world, and gave other rockers from other parts of the world a chance in the music industry.

The Rolling Stones they were sexual, soft, and amazing. The Stones had women going crazy everywhere, because of there sexual lyrics, to there very sexual lead singer, Mick Jagger. From James Brown to Elvis, you can see just how much influence those rockers had on what were future rock bands. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones being two of the worlds biggest, they followed the rockers and the blues singers before them. While doing so they created what we all know now as Rock N' Roll music.

When it came to sexuality in rock music, The Doors had it all; Jim Morrison (lead singer of the Doors) had women screaming his name around every corner. He had a voice of a dream, and bedroom eyes. The Doors wrote music that was depressing, yet truthful to prying yes. Even if the Doors weren't the type of healthy music, teenagers and hippies understood it, because in the 60's Rock N' Roll was all about sex drugs and Rock N' Roll. The Doors were all about all of those things, which not only made them one of the greatest bands in rock history, but had one of the biggest sexual icons for there time.

Rock N' Roll would never be the same. Rock N' Roll was now getting new names, hard rock, heavy rock, soft rock. In the 1970's a whole new rock era would emerge, with heavy rock bands such as Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin had only one number one hit record, but every song they played would be amazing to all who liked to rock. Led Zeppelin plus other great rock bands were also famous for there groupies (Band-Aids). All they did was tour around the world, and play there music, and young girls from everywhere would follow there rockers for sex, money, drugs, and just for the love of music.

In the late 60’s Pink Floyd broke out, and out came a whole new meaning in rock music, this band managed to make rock music so different, and almost understandable to depressing and insane (jk) like people, no matter how different Pink Floyd were this band still was at number one (at least once "dark side of the moon came out"), and number one to everyone who dared to take a closer step into the musicale and imaginative minds of the genies like people of Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd went on to rock there genies minds into the 80’s and on into the 90’s, some say Pink Floyd were just as meaningful in the 90’s and others say that there music never changed but the band almost needed to created some kind of changed in the ways of there writing, There true fans loved Pink Floyd with difference or no difference.
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1969 Led Zeppelin sold there first record. No one heard of this band at that point. In the 70's Zeppelin was one of the biggest bands. Better then disco, better then popular music, Zeppelin had it all. There were four men in the group, three of which played instruments, Jimmy Page (Guitarist), Robert Plant (Lead Singer), John Bonham (Drummer), and John Paul Jones (bass & Piano, mandolin). Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were considered to be two of the sexist men of that time. Led Zeppelin were famous for there music, and lyrics. What a lot of people remember about Led Zeppelin is that they were also famous for there groupies. Maybe it was because of there very sexual lyrics that made the girls go wild, or just lead singer Robert Plant. Either way this band had it all in the 70's they had everything that any man would want, the girls, the money, and a rock band. From what people know as the most out there and drugged up and sexual decade the 60's opened the doors to make the 70's just as bad or worse, in a good way of cores. Led Zeppelin was Rock N' Roll at its best; they made it sexual, scary and very powerful.

Judas Priest was one of very few Influential hard core heavy metal bands of the 70’s. Judas Priest was as deep or deeper then Led Zeppelin, and was heavier and darker then Black Sabbath. Judas Priest was just yet another great band from England seems almost as if most of the world’s greatest bands came from there. Judas Priest had there troubles in the beginning... They went through there band members like crazy until Judas Priest was finally complete and clearly created perfection in the band. By the 80’s Judas Priest still had there amazing musicale skills going on, there music never seemed to changed in anyone’s eyes for, which seemed to make them loose some of there fan base for a short while until the late 80’s when Judas Priest hit gold charts again. Judas priest stuck out the 80’s and were able to keep the true heavy metal alive.

The 70's crashed and burned when all the rockers started to die off great one by great one. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin Drummer) and John Lennon (Beatles singer, guitarist, and solo artist) died. Some people say that if John Lennon never died, that Rock N' Roll would have lived on. They also say that if John Bonham never died that Led Zeppelin would be like the Stones and would be playing somewhere in the world. Those issues we can never be to sure of.

The 80’s was the last years in Rock N' Roll as we know it. Popular music started to over come what was once the blues gone Rock N' Roll. There were still a few rock bands rocking in the 80's, such as Guns N' Roses, Bonjvoi, and Motley Crew. This was no normal rock music; this was hard rock, heavy metal even. This music would change for the worse. As the 80's went on the music became more pop related, like the New Kids On The Block, they became more about selling out, then selling music it was just less rock more pop. Bonjovi, now plays pop songs, and Guns N' Roses didn't last far into the 90's. Motley Crew had there moments, but is still holding on; they still aren't what they used to be.

Guns N' Roses came in the middle of the 80's when rock was on its way out. GNR came in and rocked us all. They were soft rock, and hard rock mixed into one. A band that seemed so crazy, yet sensitive were dieing right in front of our very eyes. Like the 70's rock was filled with drugs, and sex, to much of everything maybe. Either way it was messing up rock for us all, not because we were into to sex, drugs, and Rock N' Roll; it was just killing our music. Lead singer Alx Rose of GNR was losing himself in drugs, and what some would say, he just went crazy. By the early 90's GNR came to a bitter end, and so did Rock N' Roll as we know it.
The Rolling Stones are still holding on. All the men in the band are in there 60's now, still they continue to rock on. The Stones still sing old school Rock N' Roll music, but every other band gave up, or just never made it into the 90's. Only in the decade we all know as the 70's where music was great, and meaningful, unlike the music that people listen to today.

People always say " it gets worse before it gets better." When it comes to Rock N' Roll, I think it got better before it got worse. The 50's and 60's were great. The music was getting better. By the time the 70 rolled in the music was amazing in everyway. The 80's almost seemed like it took out the blues and added punk to its rock music. This then led to disaster. So did Rock N' Roll die as what people say?. I think so, there are still bands singing today that are being called rock bands, but there more punk, more pop then anything else. It’s now all about how many half naked women you can put in your videos to get your record to sell. Music will never be what it was. Only the bands from the 60's and 70's know what true rock music is. We seem to be only left with a few of our old time rockers. Rock still lives on, in our minds our old records (cds), but there will never be Rock N' Roll again.

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Originally Posted by SabrinaMaher
There were four men in the group, three of which played instruments, Jimmy Page (Base & Guitarist), Robert Plant (Lead Singer), John Bonham (Drummer), and John Paul Jones (Guitarist & Piano).
AARRGGHH how big of a fan are you? Jimmy Page never played bass for Zeppelin, only previously to forming Zep. And John Paul played The BASS guitar, piano and MANDOLIN!! And you left out that Robert Plant played the Harps, I mean, how different would when the levee breaks or you shook me be without those sweet harmonica parts... Pretty good post all in all though, I would never commit to writing something that long on a forum. And you left out alot of influential early rock bands/artists, like Chuck Berry, Cream, Hendrix, and the Who...
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i'm don't know alot about instruments.. or who plays what.. just random guesses really. well thank you.. i'll go fix that now :o)

and yes i know i left out alot of bands.. but i couldn't very well have talked about all the crazy bands back then.. that would be nuts to do..
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