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Old 04-12-2007, 10:11 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Top 10 Favorite Songwriters

w0rd, we don't have a thread on this we have one in rock thats like TOP 10 FAVORITE LYRICISTSZZ IN ROCK, but thats lame.

1. Conor Oberst
2. Elliott Smith
3. Mike Kinsella
4. Patrick Wolf
5. Blake Sennett
6. Jeff Mangum
7. Frank Turner
8. Nick Drake
9. Tim Kinsella
10. Ben Folds

Honorable mentions: Geoff Rickly, Rocky Votolato, Drew Speziale, Ben Gibbard (some stuff).

It also would be cool if we could bust out some lyrical discussions and attack eachothers lists and call eachother idiots and stuff.
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Ive seen you on muiltipul forums saying Metallica and slayer are the worst **** you kid go suck your **** while you listen to your ****ing emo **** I bet you do listen to emo music
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I love Puck
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No Order

Dallas Green
Nick Drake
Elliott Smith
Ben Folds
Conor Oberst
Bob Dylan
Geddy Lee
Devin Townsend
Cedric Bixler Zavala
Daniel Gildenlöw
We are entirely smooth, We admit to the truth, We are the best at what we do.
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Me and The Major
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1. Dustin Kensrue (Go ahead, call me a fanboy)
2. Conor Oberst
3. Geoff Rickly
4. Brendan Losch
5. Jon Felton
6. Elliott Smith
7. Michael Nau
8. Ben Gibbard
9. Jeff Buckley
10. Leonard Cohen
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Old 04-13-2007, 01:46 PM   #4 (permalink)
The Sexual Intellectual
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No Order....

Mark E Smith
Stuart Murdoch
Luke Haines
Ian Curtis
Jarvis Cocker
Ray Davies
Darren Hayman
Frank Black
Tom Waits
Captain Beefheart

Some of my favorite Mark E Smith lyrics....

New Face In Hell

Wireless enthusiast intercepts government secret radio band and
Uncovers secrets and scandals of deceitful type proportions.
Aghast goes next door to his neighbor, secretly excited, as
Aforementioned was a hunter whom radio enthusiast wanted
Friendship and favor of.

A new face in hell
Nearly a new face in hell!

A muscular, thick-skinned, slit-eyed neighbour is at the table
Poisoned just thirty seconds before by parties who knew of
Wireless operator’s forthcoming revelation.

A new face in hell!

A prickly line of sweat covers enthusiast’s forehead as the
Realization hits him that the same government him and his now
Dead neighbour voted for and backed and talked of on cream porches
Have tricked him into their war against the people who enthusiast
And dead hunter would have wished torture on. a servant of
Government walks in and arrests wireless fan in
Kitchen for murder of his neighbour

A new face in hell!

The dead cannot contradict
Sometimes the living cannot

A new face in hell!

Entrances uncovered
Street signs you never saw
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

You got manny in the library
Working off his hangover 3:30
You get the spleen at 3:15
But its 3:13

The mad kid walked left-side south-side towards me
He was about 7
His mother was a cleaning lady
She had a large black dog
And the mad kid said:
"gimme the lead
Gimme the lead
Gimme the lead"
Id just walked past the alcoholics dry-out house
The lawn was littered with cans of barbican
There was a feminists austin maxi parked outside
With anti-nicotine anti-nuclear stickers on the side
...on the inside and they didnt even smoke...

Anyway two weeks before the mad kid had said to me
"ill take both of you on,
Ill take both of you on"
Then he seemed the young one
He had a parka on and a black cardboard archbishops hat
With a green-fuzz skull and crossbones
Hed just got back from the backward kids party
Anyway then he seemed the young one
But now he looked like the victim of a pogrom

Entrances uncovered
Street signs you never saw
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

Entrances uncovered
All enquiries too
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

C & C Mithering

Three days
Three months
Three days
Three months
A treatise
A treatise
To explain these
First was cash ’n’ carry house dance
In lancashire they’re a
In king nat ltd. empire
Kwik save is there
The scene started here
Then was america

Then was america
We went there
Big A&M herb was there
His offices had fresh air
But his rota was mediocre
Us purge, rock ’n’ pop filth
Their material’s filched
And the secret of their lives

All the english groups
Act like peasants with free milk
On a route
On a route to the loot
To candy mountain
Five wacky english proletariat idiots
Californians always think of sex
Or think of death
Five hundred girl deaths
A mexico revenge, it’s stolen land
They really get it off on
"don’t hurt me please"
Rapist fill the tv's
And the secret of their lives
Is s.e.x..

I have dreams, I can see
Carloads of negro nazis
Like faust with beards
Hydrochloric shaved weirds

This was going to be called crap rap fourteen,
But it’s now stop mithering.
The things that drain you off and drive you off the hinge.
Boils, dirty socks, the ceilings collapse.
The sunday morning loud lawn mower,
The upstairs jewish girl damn hoovering every thirty minutes,
From valium cig withdrawal.
She wants communal, fluent flat household.
I want privacy.
The bastard dentist doctors surgery,
Clip, clop, ring, knock, ring
Stop mithering

The estates stick up like stacks
The estates stick up like stacks
The residents keep wild dogs
And on that father’s bedroom closet top,
Electric blanket boxes
Surplus jonnies, demob pictures
To their children they sing
Stop mithering

You think you’ve got it bad with thin ties,
Miserable songs synthesized, or circles with a in the middle.
Make joke records, hang out with gary bushell,
Join round table. "i like your single yer great!"
A circle of low IQ’s.
There are three rules of audience.
My journalist acquaintances, go soft, go places,
On record company expenses.
I lose humor, manners become bog writers, don’t know it.
The smart hedonists, same as last verse, allusions with
H in electronics, on stage false histrionics,
Corpse mauling ****s, pose through a good film, him, him
Stop mithering

I’m not joining conventional rock band.
The conventional is experimental, the conventional is now
And is no way noble, and I’m no chock stock thing.
So stop mithering.
Engineers save up for cars.
I try to let down their tyres with matches to make them molten.
Ouch! ouch!
They say I rip off johnny rotten
They always strike for more pay.
They say "see yer mate..yeh...see yer mate"
To their mothers they sing
Stop mithering

He even did fail the penile tissue test.
He hangs out for sex.
He enters magazine contest.
White tan horror in the mirror.
Spotty exterior hides a spotty interior.
He’s not your enemy.
He’s not your enemy, his name is not harry.
The secret of cash and carry.

The N.R.W.A.

When it happened he walked through all the estates, from
Manchester right to, er, Newcastle. In Darlington, helped an old
man on his own chase some kids who f**king threw bricks through
his flat window. He had a way with people like that. [Because of
this] we moved on.
'Junior Choice' played one morning. The song was 'English
Scheme.' Mine. They'd changed it with a grand piano and turned
it into a love song. How they did it I don't know. DJs have
worsened since the rising. Collaborating on nothing in praise of
the track with words they can hardly pronounce in telephone
I was mad, and laughed at the same time. The West German
government have brought over huge yellow trains on Teeside docks.
In Edinburgh. I stayed on my own for a few days, wandering about
in the, er, pissing rain, before the Queen Mother hit town.
I'm Joe Totale
The yet unborn son
The North will rise again
The North will rise again
Not in 10,000 years
Too many people cower to criminals
And government crap

The North will rise again

Look where you are
Look where you are
The future of my father
Tony was a business friend
Of RT, 17
And was an opportunist man
Come, come hear my story
How we set out to corrupt and destroy
This future Rising
The business friend came round today
With teeth clenched, he grabbed my neck
I threw him to the ground
His blue shirt stained red
The north will rise again.
I said you are mistaken, friend
I kicked him out of the home
Too many people cower to criminals
And that government pap
When all it takes is hard slap
Got out the window, a burglar wrote
There were men with beads on sticks
The fall had made them sick
A man with butterflies on his face
His brother threw acid in his face
His tatoos were screwed
The streets of Soho did reverberate
With drunken Highland men
Revenge for Culloden dead
The North had rose again
But it would turn out wrong
The North will rise again
So R. Totale dwells underground
Will wait from cyclic grind
With ostrich head-dress
A face a mess, covered in feathers
Orange-red with blue-black lines
That draped down to his chest
They are a tentacle mess
And light blue pant-heads
TV showed sham Chip and Dale
No concept of what they mean
The Arndale had been razed
Shop staff knocked off their ladders
Security guards up from the escalators
And now darkness descends
Tony seize the control
He built his base in Edinburgh
He had on his hotel wall
A hooded friar on a tractor
He took a bluey and called Totale
Who said, "the North has rose again"
But it will turn out wrong
When I was in cavalry
I vowed to defend
All our English clergy
Though they have gone wrong
And the fall has begun
This has gotten out of hand
I will go for a foreign base
But he told me off life down at home
Said Totale, go back to bed
The North has rose again today
And you can't stop your age
And you can't stop your age

Urb's RYM Stuff

Most people sell their soul to the devil, but the devil sells his soul to Nick Cave.
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Paul Mccartney/John Lennon/George Harrison
Roger Waters/David Gilmour/Rick Wright
Kurt Cobain
Bjork/Guy Sigsworth
Pete Townshend
Billy Corgan
Tom Waits
David Bowie
Brian Wilson
Neil Young
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Atchin' Akai
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Too many to squeeze into a top 10.
This list will change in my head, once I've posted it too.

Brian Wilson
Lou Reed
Bob Dylan
Smokey Robinson
Ray Davies
John Lennon
Paul Weller
Pete Townshend
Robert Smith
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Old 04-13-2007, 03:53 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Pete Townshend
Bob Dylan
Sufjan Stevens
Tom Waits
Ani Difranco
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
John Lennon
Brian Wilson
Ray Davies
David Bowie
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Old 04-14-2007, 02:39 PM   #8 (permalink)
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1. Waits
2. Dylan
3. Simon
4. Chapman
5. Fogerty
6. Young
7. Neko Case
8. Marley
9. Devenda Banhardt
10. Jack White
Originally Posted by SoundgardenRocks View Post
A Snoop Dogg concert tee from 10 years ago doesn't count as a BLM shirt, y'know.
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I love Puck
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Damn, how could have I forgotten Neil Young
We are entirely smooth, We admit to the truth, We are the best at what we do.
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Existential Egoist
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(In no order.)

Mikael Akerfeldt
Kurt Cobain (His music wasn't all that good though.)
Aaron Turner
Dax Johnson
Anders Jacobsson
Songwriter of Tool (I can't think atm. It is either Jones or Maynard.)

i have to go to church so will put more up when I get back.
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