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AnnaOD 04-18-2007 09:42 AM

Good Live Bands?
I don't know about everyone else but I'm tired of liking a band when I hear the record and then I see them live and they are god awful. I am looking for some new bands that are amazing live! Anyone have any suggestions? I like all kinds of music so I'm open to anything.

Some of Mine are:

Cobra Starship
Boys Like Girls
Justin Timberlake
30 Seconds To Mars
Jonny Lang
The Script

Voodoo Chile 04-18-2007 10:25 AM

Iron Maiden and Tool were great when I saw them.

AnnaOD 04-19-2007 09:16 PM

I actually saw Tool something like 10 or 12 years ago. You're right , they were really good. I am liking the new record... hmm I don't know if they are touring with it or not... I should check it out.

PopIsDead 04-19-2007 09:31 PM

If you're into loud music, I've heard Mogwai has the loudest concerts ever.

A_Perfect_Sonnet 04-19-2007 09:57 PM

Trophy Scars was pretty awesome live, even more so since they only played old stuff.

The Unfan 04-20-2007 07:32 AM

Genghis Tron
Riddle Box
TV On The Radio
Cattle Decapitation (though they're pretty boring on CD)
The Dreaming
Beastie Boys (though it seems as if they hardly ever tour)
Green Day (I kid you not)
Commander Commander

Sound Devastation 04-20-2007 08:09 AM

Mogwai left my ears ringing for hours.. awesome performance. actually post-rock in general tends to be really good live, even the band is average.

Live shows for me have to be either one of two things... Epic and atmospheric, or crazy, noisy and fun. My favourite live performances are Khanate, Neurosis, Red Sparowes (as epic as you can get really) and Daughters, Trencher, Aotea (so much fun).

DontRunMeOver 04-20-2007 09:48 AM

Sound Devastation, I think you'd like a band called "Jazz Thrash Assassin" from somewhere around Birmingham. They have a crooner, a screamer, a jazz keyboardist, a metal guitarist, a funk bassist and a drummer who wears a skull mask. And they all do their thing while staying perfectly in time with each other. Its both bizarre, incredibly random, yet completely coherent and extremely tight.

rockerchik 04-20-2007 02:36 PM

Rob Zombie
Mad Caddies
Blue October
The Eagles

The Unfan 04-21-2007 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by rockerchik (Post 360207)
Rob Zombie
Mad Caddies
Blue October
The Eagles

Wrong thread.

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