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Raust 03-15-2009 06:14 PM

I enjoy vinyl for what it is. Authentic, I love the crisp sound it makes once you put the needle on the record and starts playing your favorite tunes. Unfortunetly I only own a handfull of album's, but I cherish them all.

almauro 03-16-2009 06:22 PM

I recently purchased and Audio-Technica 120 with a Behringer RCA to USB converter, and use Spin It Again software to mark song titles. I just hook up the AT to the USB converter, and record straight into my notebook, using Spin It Again. After capturing a large .wav file, SIA allows me to retrive songs titles online and mark the songs with their sound wave editor, then burns a CD or rips individual songs to the drive. The quality is excellent, comparable to remastered CDs. A huge plus with Spin It Again are preconfigured EQ settings that reduces scratches and pops, while also boosting hi-fidelity. This is very time consuming but well worth it for those rare and harder to find records.

dudewtf512 03-16-2009 06:32 PM

I've heard that audio quality is much better on vinyl because something about soundwaves being round are tranfered to vinyl better where is digital is supposedly square shaped. that what I heard, Idk how true it is.

Guybrush 03-17-2009 02:32 AM

You don't really lose much quality if you have a high bitrate file. The reason vinyl will always be better (ranging from virtually unnoticeable to noticeable depending on the file) is because it's lossless. The sound is recorded and represented by physical changes in the medium, the depth of the grooves. When the sound is digital, the way I understand it, it's not continous .. rather, it samples the sound many times a second and converts that to numbers. How often the sound is sampled and the size of each sample determines the quality of sound. The more often it is sampled for example, the more accurate the rerepresentation.

If you have a 320 kbps mp3, I'm sure you don't actually hear much difference in sound quality. It will sound different because it's vinyl and possibly played on a different sound system, but that's not synonymous with better quality. Furthermore, analog mediums are vulnerable to specks of dirt and scratches and whatnot that will corrupt the quality of those mediums, even if they start out real good.

I will never replace my digital music for vinyls. Vinyls are nice to keep because the covers are nice etc. but for listening to music, the cons outweigh the pros when compared to digital music.

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