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The Batlord 10-01-2021 06:49 AM

I think they're equal but the Devo version is hella more danceable.

rubber soul 10-01-2021 07:39 AM

This track is superior to the original too

Plankton 10-01-2021 09:37 AM

Any song Devo covers is just better by default.

DianneW 10-01-2021 10:06 AM

Something Bob Dylan can just do, back then..

James Blunt I could listen to more though...
Bruce Springsteen..not for me that one...

DianneW 10-03-2021 02:27 AM

I love it....
not saying it could possibly better, but just thought it was a great version...

Mucha na Dziko 10-03-2021 05:21 AM

Though the original is amazing as well

DianneW 10-06-2021 08:16 AM

I'm thinking I like it as it's different to the rest.......

it goes like this...

we have disagreement here. Chris Hillman still insists that Gram wrote this (it is more of a Parsons song than Keith). Parsons was drunk as usual and Keith was listening to him playing this tune on the piano. When Hillman told Gram that the Stones had stolen his song, Gram just smiled and said it was an honor to be ripped off by Mick & Keith. Now, that's either truth or legend. Gram's version is still definitive.
the acoustic version of the Orignal is good...

lot of choice there....

Plankton 10-06-2021 08:59 AM

I like Leon Russels version:

simsman333 10-06-2021 09:10 PM

Tristam - Bone Dry (Piano Cover) Can't remember the specific name of the cover artist but it doesn't seem it will matter much.

simsman333 10-06-2021 09:14 PM

Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie's cover)

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