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DianneW 10-09-2021 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by Chillie6 (Post 2187525)
My hair was fine till I knew you :bonkhead:


DianneW 10-09-2021 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by The Batlord (Post 2187480)
What is it with parents not only being incompetent barbers but reckless and impatient ones too?

Yes hands up done some real bad hair fringe cuts once or twice on the little people.
Going back to 17th Century, Barbers were trained to do minor Operations and were in fact fully trained by the Guildhall records, named Barbers/Surgeons and some went on to be wig makers as well as they were the height of Fashion...was wigs..

DriveYourCarDownToTheSea 10-09-2021 07:22 PM

Apologies if this has already been done, but I prefer Harry Nilsson's cover of Badfinger's Without You (though the original is still quite good).

Nilsson was one of those artists whose covers were usually better than the original.

DianneW 10-10-2021 03:41 AM

Cover by the under- rated Violent Femmes

Really Quite different but...Moi go for the cover

rubber soul 10-10-2021 04:46 AM

Then again, harry Nilsson has some of his own songs covered (and his versions tend to be better too)

Plankton 10-10-2021 06:27 AM

Messin with Bob v.5246. I don't know about better, but Kenny puts his stank on it:

rubber soul 10-12-2021 04:35 PM

I don't know if it's better, but it's pretty damned good

DriveYourCarDownToTheSea 10-12-2021 10:36 PM

Had never heard that version before, definitely a interesting rendition.

Here is a cover that's better than the original .... and so different from the original it's amazing they're actually the same song.

The original ...

This is the version that turned it into a hit. Been covered a zillion times by now.

DianneW 10-13-2021 08:21 AM

she got no chance in truth...

TheBig3 10-13-2021 01:25 PM


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