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Plankton 02-11-2022 09:45 AM

Sometimes, after hearing a song for so many years and so many thousands of times it's refreshing to just get a different take on it, like these:

Lisnaholic 02-16-2022 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by Urban Hat€monger ? (Post 51962)
David Bowie - Port Of Amsterdam (Jaques Brel)

Yep, one of my fave Bowie tracks.


Originally Posted by Plankton (Post 2199460)
Sometimes, after hearing a song for so many years and so many thousands of times it's refreshing to just get a different take on it

^ Times two, Plankton! That's why I found this cover of Cat Steven's song so interesting. Labelle's inventive input takes the song to a new level, a new genre that CS prob never imagined. A brilliant version which is spoiled a bit by the talking sections that take the lyrics more literally than they were (i suspect) intended:-

rubber soul 02-16-2022 08:28 AM

Queen Boo 02-16-2022 07:14 PM

Covers that truly surpass the original are rare in my opinion, songwriters generally have the best feel for their own material.

That being said, every cover on Warm Leatherette and Nightclubbing except for Use Me. Grace Jones just has the natural ability to make any song her own.

The Batlord 02-16-2022 07:51 PM

Fantomas72 02-18-2022 10:31 AM

Lisnaholic 02-18-2022 06:02 PM

^ Good choice! Brian Ferry has quite a talent for making cover versions with a subtle new twist, though I like them better when he selects them from left field, like "These Foolish Things". I really don't like his Dylan covers at all.

This song benefits from being excellent in the original, but PY and his backing singers bring something fresh to an old classic, imo:-

elphenor 02-20-2022 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by rubber soul (Post 2199729)

hell yeah I have that record

DJ'd that cover

rostasi 03-14-2022 06:23 PM

jadis 03-30-2022 12:29 AM

A straightforward one: the original is unlistenable

Whereas Bill Bragg's version is a right banger

FallenLeaves 04-14-2022 08:45 AM

Queen Boo 04-21-2022 03:17 PM

Not a fan of the George Thorogood original and Rudy Giuliani just did a complete trainwreck rendition of it on Masked Singer because we live in the worst timeline imaginable but this instrumental version from Rock 'N' Roll Racing on the SNES kicks some serious ass.

music_collector 04-21-2022 03:30 PM

I can think of a couple of songs.

Manfred Man's Blinded by the light is better than the Springsteen original.

While my guitar gently weeps by the Jeff Healey Band is better than George Harrison's original.

I'd also suggest that any Dylan cover is better than the original.

TheBig3 04-22-2022 06:54 AM
  • **** me is this version good

music_collector 04-22-2022 07:18 AM

That's different, but in a good way. It reminds me of the Toad the Wet Sprocket version of Rock N Roll All Nite.

BloodFoxTK 05-10-2022 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by TheBig3 (Post 2203795)
  • **** me is this version good

holy sh*t! this is an excellent cover!

Breakcore Brigade 05-17-2022 04:20 PM

i personally really like midge ure's cover of "The Man Who Sold the World". unfortunately i can't post URL's yet but once i can i'll edit this post with a URL

Paul Smeenus 06-30-2022 02:39 PM

I'm not saying it's better per se, but I really like it...

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