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Old 05-04-2014, 08:57 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Musings: Prince, Anal, Sexual Fluidity and Rolling Stone Magazine

Gather around children, and let Jagar, your friendly neighbourhood battlemage tell you a story about the man formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince.

Once upon a time, I found myself reading an article in Rolling Stone magazine [a magazine with a big reputation, but minimal quality content, very bourgeuios). This article stated that Marvin Gaye opened the door slightly ajar to the bedroom in the American consciousness, making sex an acceptable topic for polite conversation in some circles [Circles with unpuckered *******s].

This got me musing, if Marvin left a crack in the door, then did not Prince tear the door off its hinges and burnt it too ashes, ushering in the debauchery of the 1980's?

The sexuality in Prince's body of work was not a merely the aftershock of the Glam earthquake led by David Bowie. this was not some mere bisexual experementation between Bowie and Jagger. Prince didn't titter behind closed doors, he let his counter cultural load explode across America. From Vegas to Hefner's mansion, then he spread it on a political piece of toast.

In one of his songs [the name escapes me], Prince exclaims "You're gonna have to fight your own damned war", in the context of the musical statement of his career, this is the morning after a long session of lovemaking with his woman and another man.

After getting up out of the sperm and scent of pussy juice, he dials the president and requests that "Ronnie talk to Russia before it's too late". Perhaps in this day and age a man in nothing but panties and a trenchcoat singing this while simulating masturbation on a guitar neck [As I myself saw Prince doing at one of his early concerts. Yes, the Manilow was once a hip guy], but in the early 80's? As mindblowing as Lennon and the dragon lady getting naked on their album cover.

Prince, the sexual deviant, Prince the black and the white. Prince the horny butterfly in the butterfly effect causing a wave of sex over America.

They say Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards in high heels, and Prince was the Ginger Rogers of the 80's, albeit a Ginger with chest hair a bad perm and a tacky purple trench coat [what's the word again? Bourgeious]

Madonna a member of the sexual revolution in the 80s? Crawling across the floor in a dress? Prince would've done that in a dress and left the floor wet and sticky.

It was Prince who was the Jagger and Bowie of the 80's, joined in a more intimate way than they joined themselves on many an occasion. And Prince was gayer than those two guys ****ing.

Prince was the gayest of gay, and America loved it. Don't believe me? All of Prince's songs explicitly referencing intercourse hint that he likes to 'slap it against his face' if you catch my drift.

Cases in point:
Bambi, can’t U understand…
Bambi…It’s better with a man…. (Bambi)
I just hate 2 C and erection go to waste…. (Rock hard in a Funky Place)
Sexy Mother****er (up until that point, I had NEVER heard a woman called a mother****er).

Almost every song on that terrible symbol [<-+)O] album or anything in the early 90's by him had elements that could be traced to the ass, or more to the point, anal stimulation. Peppered with referenecs to religion, politics, style and dolphins

Prince was a master of his own gay, he purposefully cultivated a confusing sexuality to take advantage of the sexual awakening of America at the time. In the early 80's he used racial background to the same effect.

I would compare Prince to Steve Jobs, a master of branding and image. Purple Rain being his iPod, and the stage of course being his Apple keynote speech. Although he traded the turtleneck of Jobs for pants with the ass cut out.

Even now that he is a crazy Jehovah's Witness he is the kinkiest Jehovah's Witness I ever met. When he's talking about buttering a muffin, he's not talking about buttering a muffin, he's talking about what Paula Deen was talking about [the buttery cooch, not the racial epithets]

I find myself musing on Prince after working on the final touches of my new album Night Songs [available soon!] as I write this, and I feel a reverence for the door burning Prince did, that us 70's rockers and popsters could not.

Here's to you Prince. Hope you tear the gates off heaven when you go like you tore the gates off American sexuality. I raise a glass in your honour
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It's sad how religion has warped his mind and turned him into a prude opposed to most of his past.
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Excellent post, very well written. Ever think of starting a journal? Maybe on Prince or sexuality in music?
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