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pastor of muppets 07-14-2005 10:18 AM

Australia vs Rest
How would you say Australian music stacks up against the rest of the world?

( And no, this isn't for a school project so NERRR! :) )

The Indie Bar Kid 07-14-2005 10:23 AM

Well let's see...Youve got Jet....and...hmm...*racks brain for slightly relevant Aussie band in modern rock*..and...The Vines......

Yeah the rest of the world hasnt got a chance against you lot

pastor of muppets 07-14-2005 10:24 AM

feck off, im creating interesting musical discussion...

we got powderfinger and grinspoon and spiderbait and JET! and the vines and cold chisel and INXS and *goes on for hours*......

phoenixflames 07-14-2005 10:51 AM

I think if you look around enough, most countries music scenes are pretty equal (as far as the quality of music produced). Alot of what is percived as "better" has to do with how much publicity an artist or band gets. I know I like some non-US bands, but the only reason I know about them is because they are marketed in the USA. I'm sure your music is just as good as everyone else, but it probably just doesn't get enough exposure (at least in the US). And since most mainstream people don't go looking in other countries for music, it stands to reason that we only hear whats marketed in our particular part of the world.

deadkennedysmeetstheclash 07-14-2005 10:53 AM

I think Australia have a few decent bands e.g Jet and AC DC..I mean INXS are from New Zealand arn't they?? I thought half there mebers were aussies and the other half've got nothing on Britain though..Mind you who has??

pastor of muppets 07-14-2005 10:58 AM

nah INXS is fully aussie.. i think youre thinkin about crowded house.....

Fenixpunk 07-14-2005 11:09 AM

If it wasnt for Australia nobody would be asking the question "where will we sleep when our beds are burning?"

and even though shes born in england, i doubt anyone would know who olivia newton john is if she didnt come out of australia

ahhh olivia, i am still hopelessly devoted to youuuuu!!!!

pastor of muppets 07-14-2005 11:12 AM

yes, midnight oil were a great band, very big influence on our conservation efforts here in aus...

on the subject, peter garret joined the labor party (major political party) :yikes:

what does one do when they are too old for music? POLITICS!

but seriously, big influence....

SATCHMO 07-14-2005 11:28 AM

let's not forget Silverchair

pastor of muppets 07-14-2005 11:30 AM

^ yep, daniel johns is a legend....

what do you think of his new band, the dissociatives, with paul mac? if youve heard of them.......

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