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Mondo Bungle 12-03-2016 10:22 PM

Seminal Post Hardcore Albums: The Best
After talking about seminal post hardcore albums I realized there's a lot and they kick ass. I'm putting a poll up on here to see which are the best received by MB. I imagine it being a tight battle.

(the other one just like, didn't even take me to the poll screen)

Exo 12-03-2016 10:26 PM

Neither did this one it seems.

The Batlord 12-03-2016 10:29 PM


Mondo Bungle 12-03-2016 10:31 PM

Yeah I guess if you take more than 5 minutes it just ****s your ass

I'll try again on a computer and maybe I'll win eventually

Mondo Bungle 12-03-2016 10:37 PM

I shoulda had my options planned ahead if time

Was gonna put

Slint - Spiderland
Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
Squirrel Bait - Skag Heaven
Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You
Nomeansno - Wrong
Husked Du - Zen Arcade
Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime
Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
Rodan - Rusty
Rites of Spring - End on End
Moss Icon - Lybernum Wits End Liberation Fly

Ol’ Qwerty Bastard 12-03-2016 10:42 PM

**** dude, idk if i could choose but it's between the top 3.

Neapolitan 12-03-2016 10:44 PM

I guess ask a mod to make the poll. I think they can add one onto thread in post-production.

Mondo Bungle 12-03-2016 10:49 PM

Yeah do that, mod **** bitches

Respond to my verbal anger

I suppose you could add an 'other' option too

Exo 12-03-2016 10:49 PM

I could do it but I'm lazy right now.

The Batlord 12-03-2016 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by Exo (Post 1777744)
I could do it but I'm lazy right now.

It's award season. Time to schmooze if you want that Best Mod trophy.

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