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Isbjørn 01-09-2019 11:31 AM

Good thread.

elphenor 01-09-2019 01:09 PM

Bad thread.

The Batlord 01-09-2019 02:10 PM

Bad dog.

Mondo Bungle 01-09-2019 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by elphenor (Post 2032056)
Bad thread.

don't click on it smart guy

elphenor 01-09-2019 03:48 PM

move it to the metal forum, thanks

The Batlord 01-09-2019 03:50 PM

you make big dumb

njvsvalhalla 03-26-2019 01:03 AM

...of death. sounds like beeker from muppets on vocals :)

make me from new jersey. the only band to do that style right

Louise cyphre

cowboys became folk heroes

of course the des moines/sioux falls classics... in loving memory, eclipse of eden, spirit of versailles DOFH, etc

but most importantly, the greatest screamo band of all time SINKING STEPS...RISING EYES

Mondo Bungle 10-18-2019 12:29 AM

most savage screamo album in some time

Mondo Bungle 10-23-2019 04:17 PM

Shin Guard is actually way more savage, I dunno why I said that

Tristan_Geoff 11-13-2021 04:25 PM

Anyone digging the new Portrayal of Guilt album?

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