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shandapanda 06-13-2005 10:52 AM

Regina Spektor
Anyone heard of this wonderful little russian girl..
i searched and found no matches so i guess i'll start a thread, plus i hope this is in the right forum....but anywayz

Any views??

DidierD 06-13-2005 12:59 PM

i thought she woz American?

shandapanda 06-13-2005 05:23 PM

she was born in russia, hence the name of her album, soviet kitsch. she moved the us when she was like 9 or something....

shandapanda 06-14-2005 06:49 AM

nobody likes regina spektor?.....:(

TheBig3 06-14-2005 08:19 AM

I don't think anyones heard her. The review I read said a cooler tori amos. To me, that says she plays piano and sings like Rilo Kiley and im all set with that.

shandapanda 06-14-2005 09:08 AM

well actually she does some pretty crazy things with the piano. i wouldn't really compare her to tori amos(that i've heard) other than saying that they are all great female artists, but i'm not that good at describing.

i tried to find a link without success but try to listen.. it's well worth it in my opinion.....

TheBig3 06-14-2005 11:29 AM

Give me a song to try, I play piano so make it something thats more than your average coldplay chords song.

shandapanda 06-14-2005 03:30 PM

Her songs don't like they're that difficult to play but i can only play like one song so i don't know very much but her song 'Lacrimosa' sounds like it could be challenging. it sounds a little faster.

TheBig3 06-15-2005 12:00 AM

Ok im sampling this because I couldn't find your suggestion. This to me is Bjork with piano. Where as Bjork uses whatever cracked out instrument she can find, Specktor seems to steal her vocal signitures and play sap ballads. Im sorry, but im still not a fan.

shandapanda 06-15-2005 02:39 PM

haven't listened to much björk, but i respect your opinon...

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