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Old 05-12-2009, 03:17 PM   #1 (permalink)
Atchin' Akai
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Join Date: May 2005
Location: Unamerica
Posts: 8,723
Default Meet The Mods


The following is a slight introduction to the people who truck through these boards on a regular basis, deleting spam, adjusting polls, and redirecting threads to their appropriate forums.
Despite the corrupting nature of power, we're actually fairly decent human beings and we've provided the WIPS below as an attempt to open dialogue, bridge some gaps, and remove the walls that traditionally exist between mods and the new joins.

If you have any questions, ask us.

If you have concerns, PM us.

Best of luck, happy posting, and take it easy.

The Mod Squad.

Burning Down
Toronto, Canada
Name: Melanie
Occupation: Student/expert procrastinator
Mod Since: Jan 2011
Top 5: R.E.M., The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Cars, J.S. Bach
Hobbies: playing flute, piano, guitar, watching movies, reading, studying WWI & II
Likes: family, nice people, free stuff, money, the Internet
Dislikes: family, mean people, having to pay for things, being broke, the Internet
Favourite Thread (Own): Thoughts From A Music Major
Favourite Thread (By Another Member): Spill Your Guts: What You Really Think About MB members.

Texas, USA
Name: Tim
Occupation: Copywriter
Mod Since: Jan 2011
Top 5: Townes Van Zandt, Nirvana, Punch, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash
Hobbies: filmmaking and animation, as well as numerous musical projects throughout the years.
Likes: musicbanter, the internet, women, virtual women, Conan O'Brien
Dislikes: unicycles
Favourite Thread (Own):
Favourite Thread (By Another Member):

Christchurch, New Zealand
Name: Jess
Occupation: Queen of Anal Beads
Mod Since: Jan 2011
Top 5: The Rolling Stones, Shapeshifter, Six 60, Radiohead, Concord Dawn
Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Acting, Modelling, Fashion Design
Likes: kitty's, MB, anal beads, chocolate, the Irish
Dislikes: dogs that smell funny
Favourite Thread (Own):
Favourite Thread (By Another Member):

West Lafayette, IN
Name: Chris
Occupation: Genetic Biologist
Mod Since: September 2010
Top 5: The Smashing Pumpkins, Boards of Canada, Cocteau Twins, Broadcast, the Swirlies
Hobbies: Traveling, Guitar, TV, Reading, Figuring out life
Likes: Festivals, Asia, Asian Food, Asian Women, Tropical Weather
Dislikes: Indiana, Waking up early, Narcissists, Country Music, Cold Weather
Favourite Thread (Own) : Rush Reviewed
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : Albums Your Digging II

Freebase Dali
Name: No Data
Occupation: Milkman
Mod Since: April 2010
Top 5: beer, beer, beer, beer & sex. I don't care what's on in the background.
Hobbies: Audio engineering.
Likes: Everything.
Dislikes: Everything.
Favourite thread (own) : Spill Your Guts: What You Really Think About MB Members
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : Actually... HEY NOOBS! Want a band or song recommendation? Don't start a new thread post here
It's magical.

San Jose, California, U.S.A.
Name: Lee
Occupation: graphic designer
Mod Since: March 2009
Top 5: Foetus, Alien Sex Fiend, Tom Waits, Swans, the Church
Hobbies: making music, making visual art, traveling, not eating sushi
Likes: live music, hiking, urban anthropology, architecture
Dislikes: seafood, professional sports, obnoxious drivers
Favourite Thread (Own): "Unknown, Forgotten, Overlooked
Favourite Thread (By Another Member): Slowly Goes The Night – Zarko’s Late Night Reviews Of Random Albums

Tyne and Wear, England.
Name: Neil
Occupation: Full time time waster.
Mod Since: April 2010
Top 5: Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Jeff Buckley, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis. (Changes all the time but thats probably an all time top 5.)
Hobbies: Obviously listening to music, going to gigs and festivals, going to the pub and drinking, reading (occasionally), playing pool, watching too many TV sitcoms, football and when i can be bothered to do so, writing.
Likes: Doom metal, stoner rock, post-rock, psychedelic/space/garage rock, trip-hop, thrash metal, Sunderland A.F.C, Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale, Charity shops, Vinyl, My niece,
Dislikes: Being interrupted, Sir. Cliff Richard, ignorance, arrogance, using "text talk" in spoken English, men who wear scarves or sandles.
Favourite thread (own) : or
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : or

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Name: Sarah
Occupation: Coffee wench / Spreadsheet guru extraordinaire / Official googler
Mod Since: January '10
Top 5: Sam Cooke, Prince, B.B. King, Al Green, Fat Freddy’s Drop (all subject to change weekly)
Hobbies: Reading, food, camping, most things outdoors, driving around aimlessly.
Likes: Reese cups, winter, laughing until I can’t breathe, men with beards, men with kilts, men with beards and kilts, sci-fi, coffee
Dislikes: Beets, summer in Texas, hypochondriacs, chick flicks, uncomfortable shoes, making lists
Favorite Thread (Own): The Explain Why You Like This Movie ('cause I don't understand) Thread
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : (GuitarBizarre)

British Columbia, Canada
Name: Megan
Occupation: Gas jockey
Mod Since: Apr 2011
Top 5: Radiohead, The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Pulp, The National
Hobbies: Traveling, photography, art, cooking
Likes: Music, travel, sleep, food, books, Green Wing
Dislikes: most people here
Favourite Thread (Own):
Favourite Thread (By Another Member):

Portland, Maine via everywhere else in ****ing North America
Name: Mikey
Occupation: Global stupid look distribution specialist/ Mystic savant
Mod Since: 1st run: May 05 - Sept 05 2nd run Aug. 09' - Present
Top 5: Charles Mingus, Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong, Aesop Rock. Astor Piazolla
Hobbies: Writing, being snarky, Homeopathy and botanical medicine, cooking, Tarot, Shamanism, quantum psychology, religious history
Likes:Smoking copious amounts of marijuana, incense, Whole Foods, coffee & cigarettes, extreme sarcasm, Texas chicks in uncomfortable shoes, beer
Dislikes: Facebook, pina coladas, The word raunchy, growing up, saxophones
Favourite thread (own) :
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) :

Reno, Nevada U.S.A. (Former Vancouver B.C. Canada)
Name: Pete (Didn't see that one coming did you?)
Occupation: Student/ customer service and shipper for an online Tax Consulting company.
Mod Since: August 2009
Top 5: Strapping Young Lad/ Devin Townsend, Elliott BROOD, Gift of Gab, Type O Negative, Opeth
Hobbies: Reading, writing, Finding new music, playing guitar, gaming, hacky sack, RPG gaming
Likes: Friends, drives through the desert, camping, floating down the Truckee River, Guinness, Yorkshire pudding
Dislikes: The West Boro Church, California, Pitchfork Media, Local Radio, TV Ads, Rapidshare, Traffic
Favorite Thread (Own): Gift From Me To You Series
Favorite Thread (By Another Member): Weekly Music Trading Post

Urban Hatemonger
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Name: Richard
Occupation: Photography Wholesaler
Mod Since: September 2006
Top 5: The Fall, The Clash, Hawkwind, XTC, Poison Idea
Hobbies: Reading, Cult TV, Photography, Football, History, Rugby League, F1
Likes: Swearing, Loud Music, Curry, Womens Breasts, New albums by The Fall, Cats, Chocolate Buttons, Bootleg albums, The BBC, My Nephew, Tunnocks Teacakes
Dislikes: The NME, Happy Hardcore, Ant & Dec, ITV, Middle Class People, Girls who wear too much make up, Charity singles, Hollywood Movies, Local Radio
Favourite Thread (Own) :
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) :

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Atchin' Akai
right-track's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Unamerica
Posts: 8,723

Mods on 'Mods Most Likely To'...or, what the mods think of each other!

Mod Most Likely To:
Be Jackhammers long lost brother
Get along with everyone
keep the peace
deny the motherland
Write an acclaimed work of fiction.
win "nicest mod of the month" award. it's like employee of the month - for kind people!
Drop knowledge
unban you, if you ask very nicely.
Post in my threads when nobody else does
Not get into a serious argument
Mod Most Likely To:
Wind jackhammer up (jovially)
Delete your posts and ban you from the site (for non-spam reasons)
Fookin' ave it!
run a crime syndicate
Purge MB of Liverpudlians
laugh at your problems.
Rule with an iron fist
have been to shows that will make you jealous.
Get beaten up in Liverpool
Agree with Urban

Mod Most Likely To:
be shorter than jackhammer
Never start another thread again
Beat you to spammers
stab an orphan for the lunch money he just stole
be taller than sleepy jack
sleep with your mother
know exactly who you are, where you live, have your telephone number and know your entire internet history. Sherlock yer heart out!
learn Mandarin.
Become a dotcom millionaire
Lurk behind the shadows

Mod Most Likely To:
Be the most erudite and have the worst spelling
Make inappropriate or cynical jokes many won't get
Be cryptic.
Release an album called Master of Swordfishtrombones
vote for John Kerry twice.
Question your reasoning
be misunderstood and vilified by members with less than half his I.Q.
shop at Store24.
Become the 21st century's answer to James Joyce & have his writings interpreted for generations to come
Badmouth prog

Mod Most Likely To:
Be far too organised
Infract yo ass.
know tinkerbell
Discover a new species.
have an intimate understanding of the moderator panel that rivals even it's creator in less than a week.
Moderate from a cave
be gang raped by sex starved polar bears while posting on the boards.
have been a pirate in a former life.
Take over the world from an igloo
Analize a simple argument to death

Urban Hatemonger
Mod Most Likely To:
to say C-U-N-T
Carry a grudge against you
Have a Tardis.
Vote against a band he spent last month praising to high heaven
Be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
somehow managed to have climbed up in the MB hierarchy.
hurt your feelings
breath new life onto the boards during a slump with a stunning thread idea. Always did...always will.
have that rare, lost classic album by that side project of that band you think you heard about once.
Use british slang

Mod Most Likely To:
Chat you up on MSN
Buy his adopted son (PMO) a pint
cost your bands revenue in sales by uploading your album to the web
Prepare a banquet for all the other mods.
call you his mate.
Actually listen to something you recommend
have an ego crisis meltdown and secretly hate 80% of his music collection.
befriend a newbie.
Remind you how much you like that obscure 80s metal band even though you hate to admit it
Use this smiley
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Old 08-01-2009, 03:10 PM   #3 (permalink)
why bother?
Bulldog's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: UK
Posts: 4,840

The Ex-Mods

boo boo
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Name: Bryan
Occupation: Unemployed
Mod Since: May 08
Top 5: Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead.
Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Playing bass and keyboards, organizing world's largest gallery of bald chicks.
Likes: Prog, many other kinds of music, old school video games, anime, surrealism, science fiction/fantasy.
Dislikes: A lot of modern indie's sacred cows, 4chan humor, the far right, the far left.
Favourite Thread (Own) : 100 Things That Piss Me Off About Video Games
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : The Sexual Experience Thread

Mod Most Likely To:
Get himself in an unnecessary flap
Get into fights with other forum members
Make a concept album
sleep with a cartoon
Argue about Led Zeppelin with everyone at least once.
say "Modest Mouse sucks."
have a robot family
go on a psychotic banning rampage to settle old scores. Many dead!
kick everyone's ass on the Wii.

Bolton/North Norfolk, England
Name: Al
Occupation: Wannabe
Mod Since: July 2009
Top 5: Elvis Costello, The Fall, Gram Parsons, Steel Pulse, the Future Sound Of London/Amorphous Androgynous
Hobbies: Writing, reading, football, long walks, avoiding confrontations, not taking things seriously
Likes: Wigan AFC, Dave Whelan, Bradshawgate, drinking, smoking, matchday atmospheres, family & friends, my dog, nights out
Dislikes: Steve McClaren, Bolton Wanderers, Rodney Marsh, people who are late, people with no manners, Bryan Adams, Rochdale
Favourite Thread (Own):
Favourite Thread (By Another Member):

Cheltenham, England
Name: Lee
Occupation: A bit of this and a bit of that.
Mod Since: Dec 2007
Top 5: Pink Floyd, Archive, John Martyn, Slayer, Underworld
Hobbies: Music, Cinema, U.K History, Alcoholic Beverages and cultivating hair for my bald bonce
Likes: Nature, Tattoos, Body Piercings, Adult websites (purely for statistical purposes) and walking.
Dislikes: Rudeness, Impolite people, Cooked Eggs, Gangsta Rap and Flip Flops
Favourite Thread (Own) : Pink Floyd- Reviewed
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : You Be Hatin'

Pittsburgh / State College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Name: Sam
Occupation: Student / Mechanical engineer
Mod Since: January '10
Top 5: Tom Waits, J.G. Thirlwell, Cop Shoot Cop, The Gun Club, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Hobbies: Reading, writing/recording, snowboarding, and generally pissing life away waiting for something to happen
Likes: Noise rock, obscure Russian novelists, Stanley Kubrick, getting lost, the Californian high desert, intelligent women, nostalgia
Dislikes: Politics, American comedians, Facebook, stoner culture, tabloid news
Favourite Thread (Own) : Top Ten Most Annoying Music Fans
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : Bulldog's 100

Manchester, England
Name: David
Occupation: Plastics Engineering
Mod Since: March 2006
Top 5: Rare 60's soul, Joy Division, The Clash, Talking Heads, The Kinks.
Hobbies: Collecting rare 60's soul, mountain biking, scouse baiting.
Likes: United, British Speedway, scouse baiting.
Dislikes: Scousers, ignorant people, wealthy people with no manners, wasted talent.
Favourite Thread (Own) :
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : < this thread saved MusicBanter...the original and still the best.

Auckland, New Zealand
Name: Nathan
Occupation: Student (software engineering)
Mod Since: Jan 2008
Top 5: King Crimson, ISIS, The Smiths, Windir, XTC
Hobbies: Music, playing bass, computer programming, languages, reading, maths, British sitcoms, cricket
Likes: Indian food, Coca Cola, beer, long convos with flatmates, England, Baldur's Gate, NZ Film Festival, Asian girls
Dislikes: Tuna oil, roadworks, failures in bureaucracy, conflict, Sharon Osbourne, mosquitoes, fixing my sleeping schedule
Favourite Thread (Own): In the Court of King Crimson
Favourite Thread (By Another Member): Urban's Infinite... and Comus' 1001...

sleepy jack
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Name: Ethan
Occupation: Student/Marxist
Mod Since: April 2006
Top 5: Elliott Smith, Carissa's Wierd, The Microphones/Mount Eerie, The Magnetic Fields, Bright Eyes
Hobbies: art, ballet, radical veganism, incompetent moderating.
Likes: radical liberalism, indie record stores, songs of sadness, ralph nader
Dislikes: fat people, white people, the bourgeois, america, spiders.
Favourite Thread (Own) :
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) :

Mod Most Likely To:
Leave for 3 weeks and come back
Insult you
Run for President.
Start a cult
Allow himself to be wound up too easily by MB
Defend Elliott Smith from any nay-saying.
accidentally delete the entire MusicBanter database. MB Armageddon here we come!
change his username.
Write a 10 page thesis disproving a throwaway comment
Be contrarian to everything I say just for the heck of it

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Occupation: Business Development/ Small time campaign manager
Top 5: Tom Waits, The White Stripes, Ryan Adams, Nelly McKay, Cake.
Hobbies: cycling, politics, non-fiction, gin, kickball, strategy writ large, minimalism
Mod Since: January 2006
Dislikes: drew barrymore, people with no where to be, cats, ham, and using "problems" as excuses.
Real name: Brennan
Favorite Thread: I don't really have one, I love all threads equally.

Oslo, Norway
Name: Tore
Occupation: Graduate Biology Student
Mod Since: March 2009
Top 5: Changes quickly. Right now? Maybe Yes, Caravan, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and Gentle Giant
Hobbies: Fishing, boating, swimming, foruming and nerding
Likes: Invertebrates, nature, rats, badminton, hot summers, my girlfriend, scotch single malts, beer, all kinds of food, Terry Pratchett, caves, glaciers, cheesy horror movies, old adventure games
Dislikes: Dumb people, superstitious peotle, creationists, immoralists, capitalists, hysteria, lists, doing dishes, having to get up in the morning, going to bed
Favourite Thread (Own) : Toretorden's Treasure Trove (my journal)
Favourite Thread (By Another Member) : Comus' Review Corner

Name: Danijela
Occupation: Art teacher
Mod Since: December 2010
Top 5: Sonic Youth, Swans, Tuxedomoon, Throbbing Gristle, Neu!
Hobbies: when the inspiration comes - drawing and a bit of painting; discovering music
Likes: reading, music, films, art, tennis, fighting with two boys - the big one and the little one, long walks, morning coffee, myths and fairytales, cats
Dislikes: my neighbors, bills (always come at the wrong time), long term plans, stupid people acting smart, cold mornings, did I mention my neighbors?
Favourite Thread (Own): Strategies Against Architecture - The Avant Garde/Experimental Album Club
Favourite Thread (By Another Member): Weekly Music Trading Post / Guess the movie
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