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Default What is Music Banter to you?

hi! i'm PAN. and i'm not exactly new. and this isn't an introduction. i'm putting this thread in the "introductions section" so members new and old can tell everyone a bit about what MB is to them, via stories or philosophies or whatever. in a way, this is a little nook where members can simply get an idea of how other members look at this crazy place called MB. there's really no criteria or anything. just go ahead and explain why you came here or why you remain here... or if those two things conflict, and so on.

i'll start.

i came here because i wanted to find more artists to listen to. i had always had a computer since my teenage years, but had always used them as a tool for creation.... ok ok... maybe a bit of facebook and myspace too (myspace was a LONG time ago.). i reached a point somewhere along the line where i felt i didn't have enough exposure... regardless of the fact that my dad knows about as much as a single person can know about the blues, my mother has a wealth of knowledge concerning classical pieces, and the town i grew up in is like a mini-mecca for music and art lovers in general. so i went online and joined the only forum i've ever joined. i called myself zevokes, which i've just recently changed to P A N. i just like pan better. it's simple and it has many meanings.

i very quickly realized that although i can certainly gain a wealth of knowledge about a veritable myriad of musicians, groups, genres and pieces here (there are people here who are invaluably huge in their scope of music, some of them sort of like "jack of all trades" kinda people, and some who know seemingly infinite details about more specialized things, kinda like the way my dad knows blues), i don't actually like talking about music. i like learning about it, but seldom do i find the urge to include my two cents on musical topics. this is actually the inspiration behind this thread.

i am here not because of music any more. something i inherently recognized but perhaps never fully acknowledged about the town i grew up in was that artists and people who are into art (and in this i include all things creative, from visual art to building bridges to listening to trees in the breeze) are the best people to talk to. these are the people that inspire me. these are the people i argue with. these are the people that say the things i might not otherwise be able to come up with on my own.

music banter to me is unadulterated expression and an interplay of so many different backgrounds and mindsets that i would truly mourn the loss of... even though it can get a little f*cked up sometimes.

so, what's it to you?

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gimme gimme
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Music Banter seems to be a place where a bunch of people with way more musical knowledge than me congregate and talk about bands, musicians, genres, and songs that I would never listen to and will never understand. In general, the place is diverse, but at the same time very, very, very obscure sometimes.

Nonetheless I've found that there are few people on here who actually post and suggest music that I would listen to and end up liking, and I even got into new genres thanks to them. And I'll stick around for that reason.

I also think there's a niche on MB for people like me, who listen to mainstream music in addition to more unknown stuff, and like talking about it. There really are very few mainstream music reviews on MB, which is a shame. So that's where I feel I can contribute.
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MB is a place to pass the time for me tbh. I actually lurked here for maybe 3 years before I signed up. Not for any great length of time, but I have a habit of Googling things like "Best Outkast album poll" or similar terms for other bands and artists and this forum's threads often came near the top in the search results. Eventually I signed up.

Some really smart and helpful people on here, and in general I like posting here.

This forum can be too serious at times though. In general it's alright though. Is also probably the best modded forum I've posted on.

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