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Scarlett O'Hara 01-10-2006 03:04 AM

Has anyone had some really crazy dreams lately? Or have really horrific ones they'd like to share?

I had a dream last night that a girl that used to go to my school came behind me and started cuddling me, then kissing me gently on my lips...then we went to find a place so we could have some "privacy", but we couldn't seem to find this room, and then the girl changed to another girl who works with me! Lol and this is dreamed by a completely straight person.

I dream people I know die every now and then. It came true once.

MURDER JUNKIE 01-10-2006 03:17 AM

Hawt!!!! :pimp:

I have vivid sex dreams about girls at work all of the time, I am not attracted to them when I am awake but somehow when I am sleeping things get D-I-R-T-Y. I took one of them on the hood of a truck with people watching (insane).Nothing wet or anything, but more than enough to produce a kickstand in the Pj pants :pimp:

(yes,it is cold in Canada and I wear Pj pants)

Levithan 01-10-2006 06:37 AM

Yea, I had a dream once where i had a complete break down and ended up going into school and killing a lot of people...a lot like the Columbine incident. It was odd. I also have a lot of dreams where im rich and succesful...which I hope will come true but wont :( the last dream involved me hitting the winning runs in the 5th test match against the Aussies

TheBig3 01-10-2006 12:30 PM

I don't dream

half_baked87 01-10-2006 12:41 PM

i had a dream a cop called me about their dead partner, thinking i had somethign to do with it, then a bunch of FBI douchers busted through my windows, i got shot in the leg then arrested and put into the back of a van with a bunch of other people i knew.. all saying the same thing happened to them. then we got out in a prison camp, and thats when i woke up. fuct up i know.

TheBig3 01-10-2006 12:44 PM

lay off the weed man

half_baked87 01-10-2006 12:49 PM

i actually didnt smoke that night... so i need to smoke more....

TheBig3 01-10-2006 12:58 PM

or eat less before bed

right-track 01-10-2006 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog
I don't dream

Everybody dreams...fact. You just don't remember.

Haha sex dreams. Every time I have a sex dream something usually happens to ruin it.
For example, just as I'm getting down to the business (in a random room) some bastard walks in and shatters the moment.

Very frustrating. :(

TheBig3 01-10-2006 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by right-track
Everybody dreams...fact. You just don't remember.

If I had a dollar for ever time someone said that I'd buy the books to prove you all wrong.

Are my dreams blank then? Are you saying I'd have massivly elaborate epic battles across the cosmos in my head...but I don't recall? Am I on the witness stand? Am I the president asked about drug use?

Get real man, you either have what is sociatly defined as a dream or you don't. Forget what science says, not remembering; a state of the sleep cycle. Call it whatever clinical crap you want, if pictures don't appear in my mind at night, then I didn't dream.

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