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Thrice 05-24-2004 10:16 PM

The Official Religious/Political Debate Thread
Use your knowledge.

Keep it clean.

shadowsniper 05-24-2004 10:22 PM

Hehe, Bush, what to say about Bush to stop beating around the Bush. Lets put it this way, I didnt listen to his 8 pm speech tonight because it hurts my brain to even hear him. Ask your selves comrades, what has he done in ur lives? Inforce the law? He hasnt fixed anything. Look at North Korea, they now have Nukes that can reach Alaska and Hawaii and with his new 3 stage missiles, N. Korea will reach all of western coast and maybe all of north america. Iran; what help has he done since the 1979 revolution? Nothing, they now almost have nukes them selves. Palestine...? Nothing, road map to peace was a disaster and Israel recently went into Gaza refugee camp and massacred a crowd in protest! Syria has sanctions now, for what? New terrorists that hate us? Iraq? Whats new? We tortured civilians that were probably not even guilty. Because of the patriot act we almost put a innocent American Muslim in jail. We found out that the finger prints were not his. We also shot up a second wedding party and we are trying to cover up the truth. What else can we find in our errors? Sanctions on cuba? Why? Because they are communist? Yet China is too and we love their toys. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? We now have a public that is divided because of lack of leader ship, if you can at least rebuttle this with dignity, then I will listen to u.

Thrice 05-24-2004 10:24 PM

Ha ha that was nice...i found myself asking me alot of questions.

shadowsniper 05-24-2004 10:33 PM

We can see a gradual trend in American politics. Its the elite that control the power structure of America. Who motivates the decisions in America? Its always the corporations! There is no coincidence! Why did we attack Iraq? Why Afghanistan? Well think for a second... Who creates bombs and planes? GE, Boeing, all these American companies that have workers that would otherwise not be hiring. Now we are in the middle of war and have young men dying. For what? For an increased inconomic booste? To win an election that is already doomed? Michael Moore is coming out with a new film, there has already been a public backlash from the right wing. New channels like Fox, that have nothing factual to debate or put on the table that is actually fresh. Last week I witnessed one of the best public speakers ever witnessed in my life; Andy Driver. An ex-SAS member. He spoke about how Fox faked some of their war reporting by not being near the front, while CNN was actually in the front lines. He knew this because he was there at Tora Bora, the place in Afghanistan where the Taliban revolted out of the prison. He witnessed first hand how corrupt the US media is getting and this is what is stewing up a right wing conservative view in america. Along with the religious fanaticism rising up in America as well. All this stewing up a mixture of hate towards mainly innoccent middle eastern immigrants that have become american.

Thrice 05-24-2004 10:35 PM


Well put.

Very knowledgable. Thanks

shadowsniper 05-24-2004 10:40 PM

no problem bud. Ill be on here more often. When ever a new debate arises, never fear calling me over. I like debates, but I like learning from others as well. Anyways, I hope alot of people can rebute what I wrote, I am sure some can. I am not the smartest person on earth. All I want is to go into Quebecois politics and make Quebec its on nation.

jibber 05-25-2004 12:18 AM

nicely done shadowsniper. there was actually a huge debate on the war in iraq a few months ago, went to about 7 or 8 pages as I remember. I was watching a program on CNN a few weeks ago, might have been larry king, but i don't really remember. anyway, they had three political analyists, one a die hard conservative, one who was kind of in the middle, and one a pretty adamant democrat. During a discussion, the conservative voiced his opinions on the actual motives for going to war with iraq. now these aren't his exact words of course, but the general idea. "I agree with you that our government did not go to war on the sole purpose of helping those in iraq, we really don't care about the civillians of iraq. what we really needed was a base in the middle east from which we could develop a pro-american system and attempt to quell hostilities towards america from other nations in the middle east" again, I don't remember his exact wording, but I do KNOW that he said (word for word) "we really don't care about the civillians of iraq"a statement like that wouldn't easily be forgotten. Now of course most conservatives will completely deny this, saying they're main concern has always been and always will be the welfare of the iraqi people, but you have to wonder how true this is. Why now of all times did Bush suddenly feel a surge of compassion towards the iraqi people and decide to overthrow their brutal dictatorial government? because of alleged WMD's? well that's proven to be a bust. links to al queda? no remotely intelligent person can argue that hussein has ties with bin laden. threat to american security? when has hussein made a direct threat to america in recent memory? so that pretty much leave us with the possibility that Bush woke up one day feeling an immense feeling of sympathy for all those poor iraqi;s and decided to spend billions of dollars and end thousdands and thousands of american and iraqi lives to be a nice guy. something wrong with this picture? just maybe there were other perks in going into iraq, like the ability to establish a government with pro-american policies who will allow american corporations to run the oil business, or having a starting off point in the middle east from which to attempt to establish other pro-american governments. just look at other countries included in bush's "axis of evil" when the war in iraq was first proposed. syria, iran, and iraq. now lets think, what do all these countries have in common? all have regimes that are VERY anti-american, and all have pretty huge supplies of oil. ya, i'm sure bush is just concerned about the welfare of all the innocent little syrians and iranians too.

starEied 05-25-2004 11:29 AM

if i remeber correctly he was promising to help out college kids too, somthing about increasing student grants and such, but no, there is still a freeze on student grants, noting has changed, i actually found a figure that said 51 cents of each tax dollar goes to the military, and 5 to education, psshhh.

Who_Cares 05-25-2004 02:15 PM

If we were concerned with the civialians in Iraq, do you really think, we'd have killed 10,000 + innocent people since the war began? I also believe that we are attacking for the sole purpose of organizing a stronghold and gaining authority across seas, since EVERYONE hates America nowadays. Britain says they are still allies, but thats just there government, you wouldnt see many British civialians saying they love America.....

But you can't really blame Bush much, hes not quite smart enough to run this country by himself, he is just everyones bitch pretty much!

Who_Cares 05-25-2004 02:16 PM

Sorry about the word to the end there, lol forgot you wanted it clean... not too bad though

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