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Old 04-18-2011, 01:17 AM   #1 (permalink)
county fair energy
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Default The Forearm Thread

I've waited too long to do this, perhaps now that I've made an official thread dedicated to this subject I can stop spamming so many threads with off topic discussions about it.

For those who don't know. I have a notoriously passionate fetish for women/men who who shave their forearms bald. A buzzcut is nice but my preference is for them to do a smooth razor shave with cream and just the mere act of doing it turns me on, and to watch them feel their skin afterwards and feeling how smooth it is, and I can't lie it gives me an erection just thinking about it. It drives me crazy.

Perfectly understandable if you think I'm a f*cking weirdo and I still have extreme difficulty explaining it but once again I'm gonna give it a try.

I "caught" the fetish sometime around 2005, Natalie Portman being the culprit. I dunno why but something in me just lit up and I was really struck by the beauty of this woman that I never really thought much about before. As in shaving her forearms totally increased her level of attractiveness for me.

So the experiment began and I started looking up before and after pictures of shaved forearm women on the internet and found that most often the shaving of hair would increase their level of sexual attractiveness for me. Back then it really made me feel like I had a problem lol. Eventually I made a picture folder and started filling it with the most appealing and interesting pictures of bald forearms and forearm shaving that I could find, 5 years later and I'm still filling it with pictures of bald forearms to this day. So far this folder has well over 2500 files and counting.

One time, around when this was still a pretty new thing for me, my grandmother stumbled upon this folder while using my computer and found out about this little secret of mine and to say it was a huge embarrassment is an understatement. But she was pretty accepting and never treated me like I was a deviant. This made me build a little confidence and allowed me to try and be open on forums like this about the subject.

Now before I continue I just want to clear some of the misconceptions about my fetish.

Just the mere act of having shaved forearms doesn't turn me on, I simply like attractive men/women who happen to have shaved forearms. As in I don't get off on cancer patients, neo nazi skinforearms, buddhist monks, mannequins, newborn babies, old guys or bad "what if this chick had shaved forearms" photoshops. Also, BALD FOREARM CAPS DON'T COUNT... Ever.

And I do not consider this a sign of repressed homosexuality. I don't associate shaved forearms with masculinity and I don't think shaved women look like dudes, not any more than guys with long arm hair look like chicks. Arm hair doesn't define a gender, or beauty. If you're a beautiful women with arm hair, you're a beautiful woman without it. I still like women to be feminine (and no I don't equate arm hair with femininity) in appearance so butch lesbos are not a turn on.

Probably the question everyone wants to ask about my fetish is, WHY? Well I can never give a straightforward answer. I am fascinated with women with shaved forearms for a variety of reasons.

-Smoothness and cleanliness. I mean what guy doesn't like a women with smooth skin? Most women shave their legs and vaginas because men find hairiness on a woman undesirable. With the sole exception being the hair on the arms, which IS desirable. I find this kinda inconsistant personally. To me a bald arm just means more smooth skin to enjoy, and yes feeling a woman's bare arm is something I want to do before I die.

-It's as naked as you can get. In a lot of ways hair is really just another article of clothing, just one that happens to be built into our bodies. So many women use hair to define themselves and it's like coming out of a shell. You see the REAL woman behind the arm hair.

-It's abrasive, comfortable and signifies sensuality. Just having the audacity to do it is admirable and attractive to me. It's the kinda woman who doesn't fret over trying to use her arm hair to market herself and dealing with the stress of trying to maintain it, choosing comfort instead. It also tells me that she likes how it feels to touch her arms and feel things on it like a cool breeze or running water when taking a shower. Or something more sexual.

-It symbolizes purity from materialism and superficiality. Several religions believe in this such as buddhism, and hindu women often shave their arms as a symbol of thanks to their deity and as a sacrifice and self cleansing of sorts. It signifies rebirth. Though as fashionable as arm shaving is with men I think that today this is only true for the women where arm hair still plays a huge role in defining who they are.

-Despite being an act of noncomformity in it's own way it also represents equality, underneath the different hairstyles women all look the same, with the real differences being what makes them unique from each other APART from their arm hair.

-I like the shape of a woman's arm. Why not? Oh yeah and wrists too, I find both to be the most attractive parts of a woman's body and hair just obscures that. Even if a women has things like scars on her arms or she has an unusual looking elbow I still find that attractive, again it symbolizes a woman willing to bear everything. And I dunno, maybe I just have a weird thing for roundness.

-It puts emphasis on the face. Now many of you might find the shiny arms too distracting but for me it's always been the other way around. Take away the arm hair and I'm able to focus on the actual girl underneath it all. It highlights the facial features for me especially the eyes.

-It stands out. If you were to put me in a room with two hot chicks who are identical twins and one of them had arm hair and one had shaved arms I'd totally want to persue the shaved one. Not only because I'd find her more attractive, it also tells me that she is the more interesting person.

-It looks alien, what can I say? I like exotic things.

So I hope that helps you try and understand my warped brain at least a little bit.

This thread can be used to discuss anything related to the topic as long as it's bald-armed women, you ladies need to make your own version of this thread if you want to go on about how sexy Jackhammer is and I'm sure you do.

Also I want to tell Captain Caveman in advance that nothing he'll say can possibly hurt me and I just want to remind him that hardcore punk hasn't produced anything decent in 20 years.

Now excuse me, I'll be back in a few minutes, I need a good wank.
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Best thread of 2011
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I'm also not a fan of female arm hair.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure CAPTAIN CAVEMAN is banned for lyfe from this place.
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Hehe, this made me giggle. I am a total hairless wonder, my arms are baby-smooth always. Chick guitarist + arm hair = baaaad photos.
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I'm screen capping and sending to booboo.

you know what's nice about being a ginger? your arm hair is blond. NO NEED TO SHAVE YAY

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i need not shave either - no hair on my forearm
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Best thread ever.
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well if you're inclined THAT way, I'll post pics of my naked forearm (I'm a man)
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