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Evanescence - Call me when You're Sober - Lyrics Meaning

On September 25th, 2006 the band Evanescence released their first single off of their second album. This second album was called "The Open Door." As for the song, it is called "Call me when you're Sober." Since its release back in 2006, the song has become certified as platinum and has exceeded sales of over one million copies. This makes the song one of the most popular and successful songs released from Evanescence.

As for the meaning of the song, it is generally a straight forward song. The lyrics are somewhat different from the typical sound of the band. It is this reason that has a lot of fans wondering what the meaning of the song is even though it has straight forward lyrics. Fans are used to hearing lyrics that are more poetic and that hold different meanings. However, the straight forward lyrics are just as you hear or read them.

It is suspected that the meaning of the song is so open due to the relationship of Amy Lee and her significant other. However, this particular song is comparable to any relationship or situation in which a person is detaching themselves from due to problems dealing with sobriety or being unsure.

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