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Evanescence - Going Under - Lyrics Meaning

Written by Amy Lee, Hodges and ben moody, released in 2003 as their second single peaking number 5 on alternative rock songs and charted worldwide.

The song touches on peoples life's who someone or something keeping her down or imprisoned emotionally, controlling her thoughts and actions she is angry with her that she cannot let go of that person and try's to change them or let them know they will lose her if they don't change, she is "screaming deceiving and bleeding for you".

She's trying to get him to pay attention to realize what she is feeling, she feels like she is losing him because he does not acknowledge anything she has done, "and you still won't hear me".

"i'm falling forever" stating she will never give up, that she will keep trying but eventually realizes that he won't change, he keeps on taking her for granted now she going to stop being controlled and get back to herself who she was before, "Maybe I'll wake up for once" Shes hoping she will finally realise for once in her life that she does not need anybody to remind her of happiness, she can make it her own.