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Evanescence - Lithium Meaning - Lyrics Meaning

The second release from their album "The Open Door".

The title lithium is not to be used as a literal sense, Amy said in a interview "It's a sort of a metaphor about numbness and happiness and sort of like" She wrote the chorus when she was 16 but never used it then she played it on the piano and this is where the song originated.

The song goes into a personal side of Amy, that she feels alone and is sadden by the thought of becoming different, that she can only create the things she has be being happy but she has been sad for a long time and it's become the only thing she knows leaving her reluctant to leave it.

She relates Lithium as becoming numb to the world and everyone around them, she relates it to the sadness she has become almost addicted too and knows she has to change or become happy again.

The song goes from acoustic moments to parts that are very aggressive which symbolize the depressive and manic episodes that encompass bipolar disorder, even though Amy does not have bipolar she relates this, the chorus sounds angry and stressed, while the verses are very depressed and speaking of depressing things, which is very fitting for this disease.

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