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Journey - Faithfully - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Faithfully" by Journey is featured on their second album "Frontiers" and was written by Jonathon Cain. The song is considered to be a power ballad and reached number twelve on the Billboard Top 100 which made it their second top twenty hit from the album. The song was originally recorded in 1982 and was released on April 16, 1983. The lyrics of the song describe a relationship of a music man who is on the road and away from his family. "Faithfully" is a love song that describes the struggles he has in his relationship such as "Two strangers having to fall in love again."

Cain wrote this song about his own personal struggle being a married man on the road. However, despite his good intentions in these touching lyrics him and his wife divorced only a few short years later. The son basically tells the story of life on the road with a reference to the road manager and stage manager of the bank within the song. The line "We all need the clowns to make us smile" is a reference to the band managers and how they helped to make life on the road a little less hard on them. The song is basically a reassurance to his wife that he is hers forever and that he is faithful while out on the road.

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