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Journey - Open Arms - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Open Arms" by rock legends Journey was written by Jonathon Cain and Steve Perry who were both members of the band. When Jonathon Cine first came to the band he already had this melody written which he originally suggested to the band the Baby's but it was rejected as they thought that it was too sappy. When he first joined Journey he played the song for Perry on his keyboard and Perry immediately liked it and wanted to do it; however the rest of the band wasn't as easily convinced about the ballet. Although they were undecided, they went with it and the song went on to be highest charted single for Journey.

The meaning behind the song "Open Arms" is a live story about a couple who drifted apart over time and then found their way back to each other again. Once they found their way back together they then realized how much they loved each other after all and that they were meant to be. Basically, the ballad is a plea from one lover to another begging them to forgive their wrong doings of the past and asking them to start the relationship fresh. This song was one of Journey's biggest hits which reached #2 on the Billboard top 100 charts in 1982.

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