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Journey - Wheel in the Sky - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Wheel in the Sky" by Journey was first recorded in 1978 and was featured on the Infinity album in 1978 which was the fourth album release of Journey. This was one of the very first songs that the group produced and released with their new lead singer Steve Perry who replaced the original lead singer Robert Fleishman. "Wheel in the Sky" was one of the bands most popular songs which helped to make Journey a household name in the late 1970's. This song performed well both in Canada and the US with it ranking number 57 in the US and 45 in Canada on the US Billboard top 100.

The song was inspired by a poem which was originally written by the Diane Valory who is the wife of the Bassist of the band Ross Valory. The poem originally had a line which was written as "The wheels in my mind keep on turning." However, the original Journey lead singer rewrote the poem because he thought that "The wheels in the sky" was catchier and flowed better. This was the line which was the basis of the song which Fleishman wrote and upon completion of the lyrics Neal Schon came up with the melody using an acoustic guitar while driving in between shows in a station wagon.

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