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Robbie Williams - Angels - Lyrics Meaning

Angels by Robbie Williams was released in 1997 and reached number 41 in the US charts and number 4 in the UK charts.

This song was written by an Irishman, Ray Hefferman,

He wrote the song in a Dublin hospital after his daughter died at birth.

There has been some confusion about who wrote the song as Mr Hefferman is not credited in any way as he sold the song to Robbie Williams management company shortly after writing it.

In the original version he wrote 'I'm loving an angel instead' rather than the Robbie Williams version of I'm loving angels instead'

The song lyrics describe how this person is being watched over by an angel, i.e. his daughter and whatever he does in life he knows that she will guide him and forgive him.

He also feels reassured that whether he is right or wrong her love for him, and his for her will always be strong.

It is a little known fact that despite being a worldwide hit, and also one of Robbie Williams's most famous songs, Ray Hefferman only received F7500 as he signed a waiver when selling the song.

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