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Robbie Williams - Come Undone - Lyrics Meaning

Come Undone by Robbie Williams was released in 2003 and reached number 4 in the UK charts.

The song lyrics describes Robbie Williams when he was younger and very wild but also shows a very negative side to the whole of the music industry and how, in his opinion, it is all based on lies.

He sings about his addiction to drugs and especially cocaine and the worry it all caused his mother.

The lyrics go on to describe how he always thinks he is right, even when he is wrong, and when he realises he is wrong he turns to drink and drugs again.

He is also taking a pop at the music industry and the record executives who he feels are a necessary evil and have two sides to them, a side which charms you and also a side that messes you up.

The song goes on to describe him being messed up in all of this and he hopes that nobody sees him when he comes down off the drugs.

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