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Robbie Williams - Not Of This Earth - Lyrics Meaning

Featured on the soundtrack to the Bridget Jones's Diary movie, Robbie Williams' "Not Of This Earth" marked a brief return to commercial success for the British bad boy. It was not a wholly romantic piece of sap, however, as Williams managed to include some darker elements. Even as he kept the overall tone light, he touched on obsession, possessiveness, and controlling elements of relationships.

Much of this meaning of the song was hidden to mainstream listeners, who were content to accept the song as a bit of lovey fluff. However, by continually emphasizing the uniqueness of his subject, the singer conveyed his desire to possess her completely, whether that was her choice or not. Verses alluding to specific controlling behaviors may seem sweet in a love context but frightening in any other.

Williams himself has kept relatively quiet about the song, as it was unlike his other recording pieces at the time. Featuring extreme violence and deviant sexual themes, the nature of those pieces makes it highly unlikely that "Not Of This Earth" was a pure ballad. Instead, those familiar with Williams' own troubled past and relationships should look to the alternative interpretations for a true understanding of the song.

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