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Tool - Aenima - Lyrics Meaning

This song is about the cleansing of the inner-self of the superficial, of egotism, Mynard (Singer) trying to imply that people have become fake or society has become fake and its time to "wash away" all of the fakes and repeats the line "learn to swim" as a metaphor to become better, to ridden yourself with vanity, "he's praying for tidal waves" meaning hoping for change, seeming to point to where the centre of corruption is he mentions Los Angeles but uses this as a conceptual song.

He wants it to be "washed away" or changed, "Enema" to cleanse our mind or nation.

The song and its album has strong emotional ties to Bill Hicks (Comedian) they make a reference to Hick's sketch "Arizona bay" who also disliked L.A and have said they dedicate this to him as they both had ideas that influenced them in creating the album "Aenima"

Another big part in the inspiration of this song was when Tool had performed in some sort of L Ron Hubbard arena in Los Angeles, meeting many followers of his and they were saddened and in dismay that they were following was meaningless things they stood for.

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