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Tool - eulogy - Lyrics Meaning

Inspired by Comedian Bill Hicks referring to him as "Another dead hero" Written mostly by Maynard but the entirety of the band contributed in the creation of Eulogy, many mistaken this as a pure anti-Christian or an anti-religious statement and that goes on to talking about Curt Cobain, but in fact it is directing to those that preach with egoism and anyone who is playing the part of the martyr for the attention, of which there have been hundreds since Christ.

The title Eulogy suggests the song is about someone who had died, referring to bill hicks a very close friend of the bands that had died in a senseless manner and they were all very angry about it. That close friends picture was placed in there album cover, the band is very open about their love and inspiration from Hick, He mentions "They Will Miss Him" meaning the entire band not just I, suggesting the band all put to in the creation of the song. Maynard has said himself in an interview that "it's not about Cobain or Jesus or

Christianity in general". He is attacking the "self righteous" in general.

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