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Tool - Forty Six & 2 - Lyrics Meaning

Released as the fourth single from their third album Enima in 1997.

The strange title forty six and two come from the chromosomes and Jungian theory, Some of the ideas behind this song are based on the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizadek which helped in the creation of the song.

The lyrics translate these ideas into a personal journey of growing, changing for the better and moving towards the next level of evolution, from 46 to 48 chromosomes that is according to the song it is our next phase in evolution, this is where Jungian theory.

It goes into cleansing yourself by delving into your consciousness and trying to achieve a higher state and by viewing the ego as a "Shadow" this defines his self-image, his vanity that needs to go to achieve this state.

The song was also being made in a time when Maynard's son was born around the time this album was being recorded. It's the birth of his son that prompted an objective review of his life and the change that he had to make to become a good father. To get clean and just change the way he looked at the world so he could properly raise his child.

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