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Default Your earliest gaming memory

Whether we're talking board games, consoles, arcade machines. I want to hear what peoples earliest gaming memories are like. Doesn't have to be your first experience but the earliest one you can think of.

I grew up in the 90s so I grew up with NES, SNES and N64. I still credit my love of games today to how my childhood was. My parents would always try to get us the new games or consoles when they could afford it. Luckily I can just spend whatever i want on games now. It is definitely why Super Mario World is one of my most cherished video games even today.
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Frogger Adventures on Gameboy Advance
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Playing Doom and Duke 3d on my Grandfather's computer.
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I was invited over to a friend's house circa 1993-94 and played Super Mario 3 (All Stars version) on his SNES.

First game system I owned was a Game Boy Pocket in 1995. First home console was a PS1 in July 1997.

Not a huge gaming person anymore though.
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I feel like it was Lemmings on some random person's computer my mother or my family was visiting and I was sat in front of a computer while the adults did whatever they were doing. Haven't played Lemmings since.
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Playing Super Mario 64 on my friend's console. It was a hand-me-down he got when his older brother got a Game Cube. The cartridge was all ****ed up (a dog chewed on it iirc) and didn't work right after five or so levels, so we would just play the first levels over and over.
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Having been born in the Soviet Union in the 80s it was this Soviet knock-off of the Nintendo Game & Watch Egg game based on a Russian cartoon.

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I doubt it’s my earliest game memory, but one that stands out for me was the first time I saw Baby Pac-Man. It was mind blowing to me as a child that this game was pinball machine and a video game at the same time. I’m still not sure I’ve ever seen another game like that.
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I beat the **** out of someone so badly in an FPS I was playing (Planetside) that by the ancient rites of gaming, and enforced by the order of the neckbeard, I got to sleep with his mom.
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Like multiple others here, it was playing Super Mario 64 at my uncle's place. I think I was 3 years old. The memory that sticks out was him trying to teach me how to beat this *******:

Even at 3 years old - I kept trying to do the thing that made the most sense even to me today - throw his fat ass off the ledge. But every time he'd just come right back up. So my uncle kept trying to explain to me that, no, you need to just throw him on top of the cliff - and at 3 years old, grappling with the controls and the camera and everything in a 3D space was a challenge all its own. But I managed to do it, despite my uncle getting frustrated haha.

I grew up with an N64 and an SNES - so my earliest memories were Mario 64, Super Mario World, Killer Instinct and Super Punch Out. Beating this douche as a kid wasn't easy either - but man what a great game and a kickass soundtrack:

I mentioned it in a different thread, but man, that original SNES Killer Instinct intro/theme was just so awesome. A track this badass should not have been possible on such old hardware - even Doom's music didn't sound this good on SNES:

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