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jibber 03-11-2004 07:32 PM

haha, yes thats right
actually no, in all honesty i just really wanted to use the little emoticon guy, and this was the perfect opportunity :)

Drifting_Angel 05-21-2004 03:32 AM

Little Wing
One Rainy Wish
Purple Haze
All Along the Watchtower [so much better than Bob Dylan's]
Highway Chile
Voodoo Child [Slight Return]
Manic Depression
Hey Joe
Spanish Castle Magic

Annd I leave it there

SlayeReyalS 03-21-2005 11:32 PM

Purple Haze.

Kurt_Cobain 03-22-2005 05:48 AM

Little Wing
All Allong the Watchtower
Hear my train 'a coming

soundgardenrox 03-25-2005 10:57 PM

voodoo child, purple haze, all along the watchtower, fire, highway chile, machine gun, the power of love, spanish castle magic, are you experienced, i like most of his songs this is just to name a few

allrocker11791 03-28-2005 07:10 PM

purple haze lil wing

dog 03-30-2005 03:40 AM

"voodoo child (slight return)" at woodstock. amazing. i recently learnt howta play it. pretty easy.

Mydarkroses 03-30-2005 06:15 AM

MY information
[FONT=Century Gothic]Hello my anme is kerry aka blackie(you want to know why im called blackie leave me a message and i will tell you)[FONT=Century Gothic]Im 18 years old and still in high school(which sucks I got out in a year) and i love music :band:

Mydarkroses 03-30-2005 06:16 AM

My favorite song is Purple haze

[MERIT] 03-30-2005 07:11 AM

purple haze

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