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Rockafella Skank 12-23-2003 08:49 PM

Favorite Jimi Hendrix song?
All Along the Watchtower has to be mine. But I also really like Purple Haze. What's your favorite?

IamAlejo 12-23-2003 09:06 PM

Purple Haze :stupid:

Rockafella Skank 12-23-2003 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by IamAlejo
Purple Haze :stupid:

Hehehe. :D Purple Haze use to be mine, but as I said... All Along the Watertower does it for me now. I stand by my vote!

MobilizeTerror 12-23-2003 09:12 PM

Wrong category isn't it? I thought there was one for reggae... Anyway I like purple haze

2tonelol 03-10-2004 08:18 AM

you guys!!! what about the the power of love? or 3rd stone from the sun? wind cries mary? voodoo chile(with steve winwood on organ)???

dont know what you are missing!!

Thrice 03-10-2004 12:54 PM

Purple Haze...Voodoo Child

2tonelol 03-10-2004 02:57 PM

MobilizeTerror Wrong category isn't it? I thought there was one for reggae...

What??? please run that past me again?? Who mentioned Reggae?

Thrice Purple Haze...Voodoo Child

No you have got me there,i have at least 9 albums by Jimi and not on one of them is a track called voodoo child.I have Voodoo chile and even Voodoo chile(slight return).Sorry to be so pedantic! LoL!!

Still it's better than some one who once asked me to tape Voodoo chile for them,pronouncing chile as chilly!!! :yikes:

Thrice 03-10-2004 07:47 PM

Oops... You know what i meant...

2tonelol 03-11-2004 02:14 AM

I did indeed but i am an old old pedantic git!!!!!!!!!!

Crimson_Grin 03-11-2004 12:15 PM

I Quite Like Highway Chile, Little Wing, Hey Joe, Star Spangled Banner, Dolly Dagger And Johnny B. Goode :-)

Xarius 03-11-2004 02:23 PM

I dont know much of his stuff...but I like purple haze.

DismembermentPlan 03-11-2004 04:47 PM

I wanna make love to hendrix. His live stuff is aural sex!

MobilizeTerror 03-11-2004 06:24 PM

What the hell was I thinking haha I cant believe I said that?!?!?

2tonelol 03-11-2004 06:37 PM

We all make mistakes...ask my mum!

jibber 03-11-2004 06:48 PM

:banghead: ahhh so hard
voodoo chile, watchtower, purple haze
best i could do, and it nearly killed me to narrow it down that much

2tonelol 03-11-2004 06:51 PM

Crosstown traffic is legend too!!!

jibber 03-11-2004 06:54 PM

here, to sum up my feelings about jimi, is this little emoticon:

2tonelol 03-11-2004 07:02 PM

Thats too much!! God you do like hendrix!!!

Though obviously not as much as DismembermentPlan,i dont like Hendrix that much!

jibber 03-11-2004 07:08 PM

yes yes i do, actually i have my own little jimi shrine. every night i sit and meditate and chanel the musical genious that is jimi

2tonelol 03-11-2004 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by jibber
yes yes i do, actually i have my own little jimi shrine. every night i sit and meditate and chanel the musical genious that is jimi

When you are not to busy driving with your mate?

"The traffic lights they turn up blue tomorrow"

jibber 03-11-2004 07:32 PM

haha, yes thats right
actually no, in all honesty i just really wanted to use the little emoticon guy, and this was the perfect opportunity :)

Drifting_Angel 05-21-2004 03:32 AM

Little Wing
One Rainy Wish
Purple Haze
All Along the Watchtower [so much better than Bob Dylan's]
Highway Chile
Voodoo Child [Slight Return]
Manic Depression
Hey Joe
Spanish Castle Magic

Annd I leave it there

SlayeReyalS 03-21-2005 11:32 PM

Purple Haze.

Kurt_Cobain 03-22-2005 05:48 AM

Little Wing
All Allong the Watchtower
Hear my train 'a coming

soundgardenrox 03-25-2005 10:57 PM

voodoo child, purple haze, all along the watchtower, fire, highway chile, machine gun, the power of love, spanish castle magic, are you experienced, i like most of his songs this is just to name a few

allrocker11791 03-28-2005 07:10 PM

purple haze lil wing

dog 03-30-2005 03:40 AM

"voodoo child (slight return)" at woodstock. amazing. i recently learnt howta play it. pretty easy.

Mydarkroses 03-30-2005 06:15 AM

MY information
[FONT=Century Gothic]Hello my anme is kerry aka blackie(you want to know why im called blackie leave me a message and i will tell you)[FONT=Century Gothic]Im 18 years old and still in high school(which sucks I got out in a year) and i love music :band:

Mydarkroses 03-30-2005 06:16 AM

My favorite song is Purple haze

[MERIT] 03-30-2005 07:11 AM

purple haze

Sneer 03-31-2005 07:21 AM

Crosstown traffic is by far my favourite. other good songs are : foxey lady, voodoo child, all along the watchtower, manic depression and if 6 was 9.

mr. blonde 04-23-2005 06:27 AM

Voodoo Chile Slight Return

coffeeshop 04-23-2005 06:28 AM

Gotta be If 6 Was 9...

EDGE 04-23-2005 10:50 AM

Voodoo Child

pastor of muppets 04-24-2005 03:37 AM

purple haze, voodoo chile (slight return) and little wing

Imonlydancing 04-24-2005 07:37 AM

hmm....this is hard, but its gotta be...oh my god, i cant make up my mind! but i do like all along the watchtower, if a 6 was a 9.

A_Tribe_Called_Quest 05-01-2005 08:21 AM

to me it is either vodoo chile, crosstown traffic, all along the watch tower or Star Spangled Banner

kiki chunt 05-01-2005 01:55 PM

Castles Made Of Sand, If 6 was 9, Manic Depression, Stone Free, Crosstown Traffic . . . hell no, I can't pick ONE damnit, it's HENDRIX - there's a shorter list of his songs that aren't favourites!

Sneer 05-02-2005 06:41 AM

the one song i dislike by hendrix is bold as love.

Dr_Rez 11-25-2007 09:18 AM

By far, All Along the Watchtower and Bold as Love

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