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anticipation 08-10-2009 11:21 AM

it's not ecstasy, now that would be a violent world.

Shoe 08-10-2009 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Engine (Post 717667)
Unless everybody runs out at the same time..

Cosigned :rofl:

Dano 08-24-2009 07:00 PM

Straight Edge is just stupid because its just another pointless label. Being celibate from intoxicants is all well and good, but when yo slap a label on it it just proves you are doing these for external praise rather than autonomous benevolence. If you remained celibate from booze and drugs you should be doing it for yourserlf, and not feel the need to let everyone know and let it be the driving force of your live. Most STraight edge people that Ive known just ended up waiting until they got out of high school to start overdoing it on drugs and alcohol because they remained celibate for so long and want to come out strong and end up strung out and buggin.

Striaght Edge is immature and stupid, its more ridiculous than people trying to prove that they are "punk". Straight Edge people are idiots and generally lack intelligence or an adequate personality so they resort to joining some other stupid subculture scene.

Disturbedkid 12-02-2009 02:08 AM

Striaght Edge is immature and stupid, its more ridiculous than people trying to prove that they are "punk". Straight Edge people are idiots and generally lack intelligence or an adequate personality so they resort to joining some other stupid subculture scene.

I would have to disagree with you there. I think personally insulting people who believe in something isn't exactly the way to prove your point. If you want to go for 'lack of intelligence' acts, then learn how to spell 'straight'. I am straight edge, however i have never experienced these events of kids going back to drugs and elitism. Coming from New Zealand, a small country dominated by hip hop, rock/punk etc isn't big here. For me, straight edge has a point, its to differ from the many students, other family members i have seen that have had their lives ruined by alcohol, drugs etc. Yes you've talked about having a good night out, waking up wasted, but you haven't seen the effects where your family members are on the brink of suicide (and even attempted it). I wanted to make sure i didn't follow in their footsteps, where "one more drink" never ends. And i'm sure doing drugs are illegal besides party pills. i love punk, the real kind such as The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, hell I do covers with my bass guitar with backing tracks. Thing is that while I like punk, i never tried to copy a legacy that has pretty much died out. Straight Edge to me isn't a subculture, or to be better than anyone else, its symbolism to me, to be a better ME. To ensure I don't become something I'll regret. To be able to tell my kids that I never accidentally ran someone over, or got into a scrap and ended up bloody on the side of the road.

As for labeling, yes it is stupid, kinda like the emo thing. But sometimes it feels good to be recognized for something you're proud of. Even when people mock you (experience), its good to know im doing something better for me.

As for the post I quoted, i respect your views on sXe. But just so you know there are people, even on the other side of the world that do have intelligence, and a personality to boot. I have many friends who do drugs, drink, smoke and i accept them as my friends. I have no need to force others to believe what i believe. Be as you will, but dont go hating a whole 'subculture' because it may not be to your liking. There are always exceptions to everything. Peace.

DoctorSoft 12-03-2009 08:20 PM

Question: If you don't smoke, drink or do drugs and listen to some of the "Statight Edge" bands are you Straight Edge? Or do you have to be a preachy **** too?

LoathsomePete 12-04-2009 10:24 AM

It's actually the other way around in Reno, it's the Straight Edge people that hate on everybody else. For some odd reason, this area of Nevada has become a sort of mecca for the Straight Edge movement, most likely due to the band 7 Seconds, which is from here. The police have actually classified the Straight Edge kids as a "gang" because of their violent tendencies at concerts and towards people under the influence. I really don't see anything in the culture than a bunch of self-righteous twats getting together and acting smug about "their ability to abstain from desire". If you don't want to do drugs or drink, then don't, but don't create a fucking club just so you can loudly tell everyone you don't.

Unrelenting 12-04-2009 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Brad Stengel (Post 717451)
Don't forget grindcore.

Grind fans are the hardest to talk music with. period.

Disturbedkid 12-05-2009 09:17 PM

Well like i said, im in New Zealand and don't experience the same things you guys do. But hey, i dont hate others, and the only reason i was "preaching" was cos of the hate. Man if some sXers are being *******s fine by me, hate as much as you want, but not everyone is exactly as you describe.

Man just let people be who they wanna be, the more you keep hating them, the more agitated theyll get, and the longer theyll piss you off.

just tell them to go take a 'chill pill' or 'smoke the peace pipe'. im sure theyll love that.


lieasleep 12-20-2009 05:08 PM

i am not at all straight edge, but i will be the first to admit that the early 90's new york straight-edge scene produced the best hardcore to ever be produced.

nickn 12-21-2009 07:04 PM

cant people just be them selves instead of complying to some "subculture" thats frequently advertised to them? your views on drugs shouldnt classify you as a person and you shouldnt have to be a member of a group to feel the way you want to. and why is there some sort of idea of what a "punk rocker" should think and act like. isnt rock music just a way to express your beliefs and be an individual? and the people that are obnoxious at shows just need to shut the hell up and let people enjoy the music because thats the point of being at a show.

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