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The New Christs - Distemper 1 8.33%
Christ On A Crutch - Crime Pays When Pigs Die 3 25.00%
Abe Froman - Abe Froman 0 0%
The Connie Dungs - Eternal Bad Luck Charm 1 8.33%
Tsunami Bomb - The Invasion From Within 2 16.67%
Dave Dub & The Sutter Cain Gang - Mind Police 0 0%
The Durutti Column - LC 5 41.67%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Silver Guns To Drip Old Blood:The Punk Album Club

The Punk Album Club

Punk is often doesn't get credit as a proper, intelligent genre and it's seen as juvenile and sloppy. But of course it is more than that, punk is one of the most varied genres around, punk is the genre I go to when I want to think but also where I go when I want fun. Punk encourages a way of life but at the same time tells you to throw it all away and not give a sh*t about anything. It tells you what to do, and you enjoy it. To quote Iggy Pop:

"I'll tell you about punk rock. Punk rock is a word used by dilletantes and heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies and the bodies and the hearts and the souls and the time and the minds of young men who give what they have to it, and give everything they have to it. And it's a term that's based on contempt. It's a term that's based in fashion, style, elitism, satanism and everything that's rotten about rock'n'roll.

"I don't know Johnny Rotten but I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did. You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is in fact the brilliant music of a genius, myself. And that music is so powerful that it's quite beyond my control and when I'm in the grips of it I don't feel pleasure and I don't feel pain, either physically or emotionally. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt like that? When you just couldn't feel anything, and you don't want to either. You know, like that?"

It's been my favourite genre for a while, it was Indie for a small period and then I started to branch out into the subgenres. Then I was bought. Punk has sounds at both sides of the spectrum, sloppy and vile Crust Punk to beautiful and complex, ethereal Post-Punk. But it all has something in common, a sense of youth and lack of worry which can be described by the word Punk. After all, if there was a word for it, why would the music exist?

Punk took it's biggest influence in sound from the garage rock bands of the 60s such as The Stooges, Motor City Five and The Sonics. In the late 70s, Punk was properly born with bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Television and The Damned originating the genre and having a huge influence worldwide. Hundreds of Punk bands formed from hearing the Sex Pistols, often self producing creating the DIY sound Punk is known for today.

Throughout the 80s the punk sound developed, creating fully formed subgenres such as Post-Punk, Hardcore Punk, Folk Punk, Anarchopunk, Crust Punk, Emo, Pop-Punk, Psychobilly and Ska Punk. Incorparating influences from counrty, prog, metal and reggae.

In the nineties, punk fell out of fashion but in the process created more punk subgenres and movements. Like Grunge, Riot Grrrl and Post-Hardcore. From then up until now, Punk is pretty far removed from the maintream, but it still has a cult following and punk related music is released to this day.

This club will run like all of the other clubs, post your recommended album in here with a little writeup explaining what it sounds like. After we have gathered enough nominations we will make a poll to vote for which album will be discussed. The winning album will have a thread made and links will be available, then we will hopefully generate discussion. The process will be repeated weekly. Please, suggest some albums.

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i'll start it up

Christ On A Crutch - Crime Pays When Pigs Die (1991)

late 80s early 90s ferocious hardcore punk from Seattle.....seriously fast and angry beyond belief....played well with a little bit of fun mixed in it....somewhat political lyrics but in no way preachy....

edit....just re-listened to the album....actually there are very political lyrics but not necessarily anarchist...

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Sounds fun.

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Yeah, I'll play.
I nominate Something Better Change by D.O.A. (1980)

It was their first album and I've never listened to it so this is a selfish nomination. I neglected this band for a long time but rumor has it that they coined the term 'hardcore' as it relates to Punk with their album entitled Hardcore '81. They're liberal punks from the west coast of Canada. Pretty legendary, but I never paid attention to them at all until I watched the Don Letts' Punk: Attitude documentary.
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that is such a good album.....
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I'll nominate one too.

Abe Froman - Abe Froman (1999)

Really gritty basement sounding punk jams. They kind of lean on the pop-punk scale a little bit, but they still are one of the best Plan-It-X punk acts, pretty anarchist lyrics but not too over the top.
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Very cool idea! I'll actually contribute an album I really enjoy:

The Connie Dungs
Eternal Bad Luck Charm

Formed by by Brandon Tussey (Brandon Dung) and brothers Wayne (Wayne Sphincter) and Chris (Chris Colostomy) Griffith, The Connie Dungs are a punk band from KY. They were on the (now defunct) Mutant Pop Records, and released five full length albums, and numerous EPs. This, their final studio album, has to be my favorite. It's nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it's legitimately one of the most pumpin' albums I've listened to. There's a lot of Ramones influence on it, and it can be described as being on the "poppier" edge of punk. It is, however, completely full of the attitude punk music is typically known for, and it's a lot of fun to listen to.

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I was going to abstain because I have a lot on my plate, but if I get more organized, which I can, I can tackle yet another club.

I'm surprised there aren't a lot more suggestions for poll. I have one, but I'd gather some info and post it later me thinks...

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4 interesting albums, haven't heard any of them.

Anyway, I nominate.

The New Christs-Distemper
Fun and powerful music with Garage Punk and Post-Punk elements. I always felt this band were very underrated, with Rob Younger from Radio Birdman at the wings(teehee) this band could have been a lot bigger. Charlie Owen is a really good guitarist too. Songs vary from fun little rock and roll numbers to sad emotional tunes.
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this is one of the two punk albums I have actually listened to but I will help out with nominations.

Tsunami Bomb - The Invasion from Within!

Tsunami Bomb was a punk rock band from Petaluma, California, They broke up in 05. They are probably more pop punk but lovely nonetheless. Tsunami Bomb's original lineup consisted of 5 people, including a female keyboard player named Oobliette Sparks who also contributed vocals. They have had so many lineup changes that's it is straight up stupid and I won't go into all that detail but yeah.
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