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Old 12-01-2011, 07:49 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Eminem - Rap Olympics

Old I know but still impressive.

Does anyone know of an accurate transcription of his lyrics?

Eminem Freestyle Battles Rap Olympics 1997 - YouTube
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Old 12-06-2011, 03:11 PM   #2 (permalink)
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I have seen a few videos on this and yes I do think those are accurate
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Old 12-14-2011, 10:11 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Eminem's freestyles at the '97 Rap

(mc: eminem go)

ha ha ha ha alright bust it
ha ha ha ha one two
ha ha ha ha alright look:

i'm going to tell you this for your own benefit
your **** was dope as hell
especially when you wrote 90% of it
what you need to do it practice on your freestyle
when you come out missing like snoop dogg's police file

(???) this **** that I'm spittin' belitt'n'
you're going to swear to god that **** was written
but it wasn't
i'll kill a dozen rappers when i'm buzzin'
beat your ass like a jealous husband

next (???) north
when you go in a coma longer than (???) cut the machine off
cut the damn machine
get a clean cloth to wipe this bloody video screen off

(mic fumbling sound) (???) your weed...
(mc: you suck suck! give me that muther****in' mic!)

(mc: ladies ain't first this time)
(someone in the crowd: that's ****ed up!)

aight aight i never battled a female before

(mc: aight figure it out)

ha ha ha aight

i'm moving in for the kill and i got the trap set
i can tell you're wack as **** and i ain't even heard you rap yet

look at you thinkin: i'm about to whip his ass
cuz i'm going to do some written ****
plus i get to go last

well guess what
even if i go first it's no worst
my **** still from demonic (???) verse

i'm going to slice you like a ginsu
and anything you say can and will be used against you
in the court of law
i'm short and raw
take your ****ing **** and cut it off

yo! you want to be a dope MC?
look don't get mad start taking your period out on me
(mic fumbling sounds) cuz i ain't gonna...

(mc: whoa, whoa, whoa!)

(mc: eminem... thirty second, thirty seconds)

ha ha ha
aight bust it bust it bust it bust it

you want to represent on the microphone
but you rap sleazily
i ain't about to battle this fake ass eazy-e
there ain't no way i'm going to do this bull****
i don't give a ****, i'm loaded up with a full clip

time of the month you couldn't get the (tape?) of the day
take him away
i ripped him like a papier mache

i heard you rap before you ain't about ****
this whole battle was mismatched like your outfit
try to battle me and get your mouth split
you sold out like ticketmaster outlet

ha ha i bust and i (crust?)
i don't give a ****
ain't no way you can **** with us

yo i'm giving back with (pimp?) ****
i'll laminate that **** in a badge and wear it at the rap olympics,
plus (millenium?) (mic fumbling sound)

(mc: whoa whoa whoa... (chuckling) slow down!)

(eminem?: DAMN!)

(mc: aight)

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
stop babblin'
you're so ****in' wack i'm going to walk away while you're battlin'

**** that. i'm on a brand new solo mission
to make sure wendy day kicks you out of the rap coalition

i throw a switch at an execution
with an overdose of devotion
don't talk back i'm the dope bitch

so who you sound like on the mic
there was only one tupac
you're thug style is one big psyche
take a big hike

bitch you can't catch me
your best rhymes still ain't **** like (???)

what the **** you wanna do?
I'll battle any MC in your crew
and i don't give a ****, i slaughter boys
especially wack-ass MCs who will wear fake ass corduroys

(mc: damn damn damn!)

mic yo
bust it

i'm about to make this mic short circuit
(???) is wack as **** this **** fits you perfect

i've got so many ways to diss you that i'm playful with you
i'll let a razor slit you
till they staple stitch you
and everyone in this place will miss you
if you try to turn my facial tissue into a racial issue

nobody's hearing you
you're a wack liar
damn, all your white jokes just backfired!

cuz bitch you walking up the wrong street
like (???) all your boys you were beat by a honky

i don't give a **** i kill you
bitch you better respect me like I look familiar
anything you say I'm gonna kill you.
grill you
when i ****ing drill you

(mc: alright, alright)

(someone else: eminem! eminem!)

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