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[MERIT] 08-23-2018 07:15 PM

Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald
[Despite his douchebag-like appearance, I assure that his content is worthwhile. Please don't judge the book by its cover.]

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the 29-year-old Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald. His raps and themes seem to go against the grain, questioning social norms and the status quo. I'm not super keen on his delivery, but the content is definitely there. From what I can surmise, he has 7 albums to his credit [Genius says 8]. I will post music videos in the next post.
^ LeeAnn's Son (stylized as "LEEANNSSXN") [2014]
^ Bad Dream Mad Again II [2014]
^ Dream People And The Whiskey Wars [2015]
^ MacBeth [2015]
^ See You Tomorrow [2015]
^ Therapy [2017]
^ Deathreats [2018]

LINKS: Official Website / YouTube 1 / YouTube 2 / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Genius

[MERIT] 08-23-2018 07:18 PM

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OccultHawk 08-23-2018 07:45 PM


Thanks for the well- delivered presentation

If I change is a trippy video -kiss I liked it

[MERIT] 08-23-2018 07:53 PM

I love "Dear Rappers." I want to hear more from him in that vein.

Lucem Ferre 08-23-2018 09:52 PM

Tom MacDonald is corny trash.

[MERIT] 08-23-2018 10:03 PM

He's not for everyone, obviously.

Lucem Ferre 08-23-2018 10:08 PM

The only people that I know of that like him are juggalos. Juggalos that like him and Hopsin.

"I didn't put your neck in no noose" LOL.

[MERIT] 08-23-2018 10:23 PM

If he would ghost-write for someone who actually has some vocal talent, that would be awesome.

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