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Rockafella Skank 02-23-2004 02:07 PM

What do you think of 50 Cent?
There's been a lot of 50 Cent bashing going on lately (I've been part of it), so I wanted to set the record straight and see who likes him and who doesn't (and, of course, why or why not?). So, you know I don't like him, because I think he can't write, he can't rhyme, and he exploits his circumstance. What do you think?

Eltiraaz 02-23-2004 02:25 PM

Pretty much same reasons you just mentioned. I cant see why anyone would like him. Hes got such a slur in his voice you cant even tell what hes saying. He most definatley milks the fact that hes been shot nine times, but truth be told, that doesnt make you a better rapper! I've stated before that I think gangster hip-hop is the biggest load of crap out there. They are re-doing what TuPac, NWA and all the artists of the eighties and early nineties have already done.

Recipie for a G-Unit video:

-lots of "bling"
-expensive as hell cars
-lots of walking around in a circle with their pants falling off their *ss
-random muttering about how "hot they be", "how tuff they be", etc and so forth
-a mansion or estate in the backdrop

I mean if your not going to do something original spare my braincells and just DONT DO ANYTHING!

Rockafella Skank 02-23-2004 02:27 PM

I agree with you that Gangster rap is really bad nowadays. I think it's "played" and over with. It was cool with NWA came on the scene and did their thing, but it's no longer cool and new. It's just repetitive and boring. It's time that rappers realized that they have to do something new to get respect by anyone who really cares about the hip-hop genre. People like 50 Cent will never get respect from real "hip-hop heads".

Lopezand 02-23-2004 03:44 PM

50 Cent.

I don't mind 50 Cent in the context of once in a while. He has some lines and songs that I can listen to. But overall as an an artist, he's no better than a Nelly, Master P, or anyone else that just doesnt have anything to rap about, either because they can't write or because they have nothing to write about. Calling 50 Cent a "Gangster" rapper is also kind of ridiculous. Just because he sold crack in Queens doesnt mean he is a "gangster rapper." Just because he got shot up for being connected to some stuff doesnt mean he is a "gangster rapper." If selling drugs at one point in your life and being shot at is the criteria for being a "gangster rapper" then we might as well toss Biggie in that category. I'm personally not gonna call Biggie a "gangster rapper" because hip-hop has adopted that term for primarily West Coast Rappers who were still rapping about doing that kind of stuff.

People are also acting like 50 Cent is this new deal, when the fact is, he has been around in this rap game for a while now and was recognized. In response to his "How to Rob," which first came out on one of DJ Clue's mixtapes in the summer of '98 or '99 (not positive) Jay-Z came back with:
"I'm about the dollar, what the **** is 50 Cent?" Possibly early on in the game he was being creative with his lyrics:

"Run up on Missy and Timbaland with the pound, like "You, give me the cash! You put the hot dog down."

"Caught Juvenile for his Cash-Money peeps. Told him I wanted it all, he said 'Even my gold teeth?'"

Although these lines are funny and creative, it's basically the extent of 50 Cent. He lacks the ability to come with true hard hitting lines like a true MC. There's no doubt in my mind that I could find 5 true MCs (easily alive, much more easily dead) that could take 50 Cent in a battle. 50 Cent currently represents what white-teenage-MTV-watching Americans are willing to accept as "Gangster Rap" because sure he used to get shot at and now he wears a bullet-proof vest, but he really cant be that bad if he is gonna show up to the MTV VMA's with Vivica A. Fox, a nice black actress. And oh yeah... he roles with Eminem and Dr. Dre so he's got to be cool....

The bottom line: 50 Cent shouldnt be considered a true MC, good rapper, or anything else flattering until he realizes what this game is really about and starts to rap about something besides "Groupie Luv."

Rockafella Skank 02-23-2004 04:03 PM

I have to agree with most of what you're saying, but I disagree slightly. I think it's fair to say 50 Cent is a "Wannabe Gangster Rapper". He definitely has that sort of image. However, with that said, I think he sort of plays it up more than he really is. Anyway, I agree with most of what you say. :thumb:

JackJeckel 02-23-2004 08:35 PM

because I think he can't write, he can't rhyme, and he exploits his circumstance

50 Bars of pleasure 50 bars of pain
When I'm dead and gone niggaz gonna remember my name 50

Yo Black is flashy like Alpo gun happy like Pappy
Sneaky mutha****a remind me of nigga that clap me
He aint the type you shoot dice with and win dog
Unless you want to get your ass layed out in gilmore
Yes we soldiers, remind me of Troy and E-Bags
When they came through they hollored like 'What up comrade?'
Grimey niggaz they loved to get gully
Summertime still had on black gloves and skullys
The Lex 450 pulled up that's Cornbread
Them niggaz from Philly would of called him an old head
But he an OG remind me of Chaz and Bump real low key
Sounded like he don't know nothing about drama
For this money send many men through trauma
Switchy walked in son, this bitch had the baddest ass
The bulletproof glass was rolled down on his S-Class
Heard in DC he kept mad blocks in order
Picture this a young nigga gettin it like Rich Porter
Sonny came in for half a pit
He got knocked, he on lock still controllin' his block from constop
Pop pulled up in the CL5 surprised he came,
Heard his man just ****in got murked by Salene
Heard he got it in the range nigga came popped one in his brain
Over some-thing took his watch and his chain
Country boys off the hook down there in Richmond mayne
In the black 740 I sat, hat turned back
Bow down baby nelly singing my wrist blinging what
I'm waiting on this nigga Wise we lost for two pies
Son he smokin that **** I can see it in his eyes
Coming up wise emotions closed
Most buying round looking for wisemen toast
Benny hopped out the Escalade with a few thorough men from B-More
They sellin heroin in Maryland his first batch diesel
Killed like 4 fiends his popularity grew that only meant more cream
First it was him and his brother now he got a team
Went from 5 and a half grams to living the dream
City pulled up Goddamn you know his format
Bentley is all marble in the door mink floormate
Got the gats out the stash box popped 2 glocks
Peace "All Eyez on Me" 2Pac
Everybody know he a boss he still gotta floss
He on the same bull**** that sent Gotti up north
That's Dime in the blue ts stunting like he Nicky Barnes
He broke but he talk like he a Don
Homes hoppin out the Jag that's Max haitian cat
Kill a nigga quick remind me of Haitian Jack
I peep his style son I know his stelo, He on the d-low
He smile at niggaz mumbling **** you in Creole
Heard war stories bout how he maneuver with the Ruger
Hold the iron horizontally and send shots through ya
Few niggaz tried to murk him, most them got found
Some turnt away try to run they in wheelchairs now
Banks hopped out bulletproof this, bulletproof that
Bulletproof snorkel, bulletproof hat
Got out a Black hummer he blew 90 on that
Poppin mad **** like he gonna bulletproof that lets go

50 Bars

Your entire argument was just shot to pieces. Although I agree he does exploit the being shot 9 times bit, but god damn, that song alone just proved you wrong.

exasko 02-23-2004 11:05 PM


You have to have songs that are about cars and ****, because that is what they play in the clubs.. you think they play Dear Momma out in the clubs.. no because you can't dance to it.. Also.. Many Men is a true song about him self and his life.. just like Pac, but like he has stated, he will start to write more about him as the records come because right now people don't care who 50cent is, they want to party... so once people start caring who he is, the deeper his songs can be...

hell.. even Pac had songs where he talked about cars, and ****.. hell that is what Rap is about.. claiming you are the biggest and baddest.. that's rap.. if you don't like it.. you don't like rap.. you may like a few rap songs but you dont like rap in general.. i like a few country songs, does that mean i love country.. no just a few songs...

Rockafella Skank 02-23-2004 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by exasko
hell.. even Pac had songs where he talked about cars, and ****.. hell that is what Rap is about.. claiming you are the biggest and baddest.. that's rap.. if you don't like it.. you don't like rap.. you may like a few rap songs but you dont like rap in general.. i like a few country songs, does that mean i love country.. no just a few songs...

See... that's where the difference comes into play between rap and hip-hop. By that definition I don't like rap. What I like is hip-hop, but too many times people try and mix the two. Hip-hop is different than rap. Anyway, 50 Cent does rap, not hip-hop and people who do rap nowadays will never be anything great, because all they do has been done before.

exasko 02-23-2004 11:57 PM

If you said that in 1996.. you wouldn't think EMINEM would be consider the best rapper alive.. he is a RAPPER, not hip hop.. never say never,,,

Lopezand 02-24-2004 07:54 AM

Maybe I am missing the point, but I dont think Eminem is the best rapper alive right now.

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