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backwedge 01-05-2008 06:03 PM

He's Had
As I'm new to this forum I thought for my first post I would post a song I wrote at the end of last year ...

He's got glazed eyes and a frozen frown
A half empty glass that he cant put down
With last weeks locals on the soles of his feet
He sits there cold without a sound

He's had a hard life and nothing to show for it
Just another forgotten soul with nowhere to go
He's had a hard life that you can see
Life is been like a prison and he wants to break free

A half burnt candle is his only light
A pair of folded glasses on a family album
Faded pictures just sit on the side
layered in dust of time gone by



His hand on his lap falls down to his side
A tarnished ring slips from a finger
Now's there's no more memories to say goodbye to
As he takes his last breath without a sigh

Chours X2

Life is like a prison and now he's free...

All comments good or bad are welcome....

boxcarguy07 01-05-2008 06:26 PM

I like it...
my favorite phrase is "frozen frown", because it has kind of a double meaning... it says he's cold, so that's one meaning of frozen, and frozen also in the sense that the frown remains on his face always.

lucylamppost 01-06-2008 12:06 AM

Your song is shallower then a kitty pool.

Mockingbird! 01-06-2008 03:41 AM

Doesnt seem to mean much, just a bunch of words put together, trying to sound poetic...sorry

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