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Default The Screams From Across The Street - Poem

This is a story about something that happened in my neighbourhood
But before I start, I want this to be understood
I have no love for the place I live and trust me I'd move, if only I could
The houses are all dilapidated and the lawns are choked with weeds
Flower beds that were once filled with beauty and colour are now dead from neglect and disease
Dirty windows hide what really goes on inside
Aided by cheap flimsy curtains that have faded from the intense sunlight
At night (and sometimes during the day) all you can hear are people screaming,police sirens screeching & house alarms bleeping
It gets so intense that you can't even hear yourself thinking
But alas I am digressing from the story in question
There was one family in particular that were highly disliked,the mother was a junkie, the kids were feral and the father was full of aggression
You'd see the little kids running around in the street
Their noses running, snot flowing down their grubby little faces and blisters forming on their dirt blackened feet
Their mother would watch as she sat outside in a dirty old deck chair
Her skin had a sickly yellow pallor and her greasy knotted hair desperately lacked the needed attention and care
At around six her husband would come home, pulling into the garage in his battered green station wagon the gears on which would creak and groan
He'd climb out the car, stomp up the pathway and open the door, slamming it behind him
And thats when the arguments and screaming would begin
It was always like this, so on the night in question nobody would've thought that anything was horribly amiss
But after what went on in that house that night, things changed as we were all in for a big shock & a terrible fright
I suppose, in hindsight we all knew that something wasn't quite right
Because a few days after the fight no none in the street caught sight
Of the grubby little children or their junkie mother, sitting in her dirty old deck chair
I don't know why anyone questioned it, but I guess they just didn't care
Anyway a few days later the police showed up outside their place
They busted in the door, little realizing what they were in for
Not two minutes later and they were outside again with looks of disgust and shock written on their faces
Now the police were professional men who had worked some pretty bad cases
But this would have to top the list as one of the most shocking crimes in recent times
Inside that house, which was in complete disarray, lay the bodies of that family
The sickly sweet smell in the air was an indication that the bodies were in the early stages of decay
It was determined that the father had come home in an even bigger temper than he had before
He knew what he was about to do before he even set foot through that door
He went into the kitchen, opened up a cabinet draw and found what he was looking for
A hefty meat tenderizer, he gabbed it and walked over to his wife, who was sitting down non the wiser
Hearing something behind her, she turned around with a look of surprise but it was too late as she let out a terrified cry
He picked up his weapon like a maniac and with a sicking CRACK the meat tenderizer and her skull did make impact
And with that her lifeless body crumpled to the floor like an empty sack
Next he went after his offspring
Who where playing in their room, oblivious to the fact that they would soon meet their doom
He picked up the littlest one by the hair, and tossed the child onto the bed without a care
Then he held a pillow over the child's head until breath came no more
It was a horrible scene, seeming to come out of this maniacs darkest dreams
For his other child their fate was the same as their sibling
For man or woman to commit acts such as these they would truly have to be insane
I doubt even God knew what was going on in this monsters brain
But he too was not to stay in the land of the living
He overdosed on drugs, but just how much and what kind of drugs they were, the police were not willing to discuss
So thats the story of what went on in my neighbourhood
I apologize for the length and that some of the details were a little gory
But before I finish, I want this to be understood
I have no love for the place I live and trust me I'd move, if only I could.
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Some more line breaks would be nice. Bad rhyming.
Wolverinewolfweiselpigeon said:

What's with people dying? Shit.
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