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Lots of Musicians and Singers who were signed to Brandon Records were upset that they were out of jobs now now that their Bosses literally fled the Country on the run. Axl and Cake Cream felt sorry for them and suggested that Claven Records take over Brandon Records. Claven Records took Axl and Cake Cream's suggestions seriously and took over Brandon Records and Brandon Records Musicians and Singers were happy. Claven Records thanked Axl and Cake Cream for their suggestions and told ex Brandon Records Musicians and Singers whose actual bright ideas it was for Claven Records to take over Brandon Records. The ex Brandon Records Musicians and Singers thanked Axl and Cake Cream too and Axl and Cake Cream welcomed them.

Claven Records were now worth about 800 Million. The Music Industry loved that Claven Records took over Brandon Records and Claven Records gave Axl and Cake Cream credit for their idea. Axl and Cake Cream modestly blushed.

Cake Cream and Axl went home and ate no contact pizza again and chilled.

Axl and Billy went into Billy's room and made out again passionately, enjoying each other's kisses and company. Axl caressed Billy's hair and Billy smiled contently. Axl said,"Where do we go? Where do we go? Where do we go now?" Making Billy laugh happily.

They chatted a little while longer and fell asleep. The next day, Cake Cream and Axl woke up, ate, and got ready for the day.

They went to the mall wearing bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets and ate at a Restaurant. The Female Waitress was a huge fan of them, especially Jimmy. She was particularly nice to Jimmy and he didn't seem to mind. In fact, he was very receptive to her. They were smiling and flirting with each other. Billy, Axl, James, Andy, Mike, could see the chemistry and the connection between them.

They all ordered and ate and paid. On Jimmy's receipt, the female Waitress had put her phone number on Jimmy's paid receipt. Jimmy blushed and accepted. She smiled happily. Jimmy and she chatted more flirtatiously and then everyone said their goodbyes. They left and Axl said to Jimmy,"Remember to use your condoms for female Fans, especially a certain Waitress you like a lot. " Jimmy blushed happily.

They bought some items and went home. Jimmy called the Waitress after her shift and they chatted for a long time. It was obvious they were into each other a lot.

Jimmy asked Axl if it was okay if he dated the Waitress.

Axl said,"I'm cool with you dating her. He then asked the rest of Cake Cream if they were okay with him dating the Waitress. They all were okay with him dating the Waitress. Jimmy was happy.
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Jimmy and Allison ended up dating exclusively. She and he really did make a good couple. Cake Cream and Axl liked her too. She was nice, sweet, funny and ended up going to some Cake Cream Shows.

A couple of days later, she and James ended up having sex. That's right, James, not Jimmy. She left James's room and left the house. The next day, Jimmy saw Allison's panty in James's bed and confronted him. James admitted he and Allison had sex last night.

Jimmy was infuriated and said,"You fuced my girlfriend?!" He punched James hard in the face and James ran out of his room, frightened. Jimmy ran after him getting ready to hit him more. Axl saw the commotion and held Jimmy back from hitting James again. Jimmy explained the situation and James admitted to it again. Jimmy tried to lunge at James, but Axl held him even tighter. Billy, Mike, and Andy also woke up to see Jimmy being held back by Axl and James looking scared. They knew something bad had happened and the situation was explained.

Axl calmly said, "James, you having sex with Allison was foul. " Jimmy, you hitting James was not and is not the right thing to do." Jimmy gave James a withering death glare. Andy, Mike, and Billy were disgusted that Allison and James had sex. How could James go have sex with Jimmy's girlfriend?

Axl calmly told James to go to the local Marriott and think about what he did. James put on his motorcycle helmet and bulletproof vests obediently left to go to the local Marriott.

Jimmy said wryly and angrily,"I also want to go to the Local Marriott and have a nice "chat," with a certain ex friend of mine. " Axl said,"No, you're staying here." Jimmy reluctantly agreed to stay with Axl, Billy, Andy, and Mike.

Jimmy called Allison and confronted her and she also admitted she had sex with James. He dumped her.

Axl wondered about the future of Cake Cream since this happened.

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Axl, Jimmy, Andy, and Billy stayed in the house.

Jimmy cried uncontrollably. He couldn't believe his ex girlfriend cheated on him with one of his best Friends.

"No, no, no!" Jimmy lamented in crushing pain. Axl, Andy, Mike, and Billy all hugged Jimmy to comfort him.

"I hate James and Allison so much," Jimmy said half angrily and half heart broken.

"It's okay to be angry and hurt," Axl said soothingly. You were done very wrong by two People you loved."

Billy, Andy, and Mike backed up Axl. Jimmy was grateful he had four best Friends to support him now.

Axl said,"We'll have lots of ice cream and pizza and have a nice boys in today. "

Jimmy smiled softly. "That sounds good."

Axl ordered 5 cartons of ice cream and ordered 3 boxes of Domino's Pizza and they pigged out on ice cream and pizza, Billy, Axl Andy, and Mike supporting Jimmy.

Billy admired how quickly Axl could be the warm, supporting, loving, Friend as well as the serious, business Manager.

Jimmy felt a lot better having Andy, Mike, Billy, and Axl support him. He was still hurt by the crushing betrayal James and Allison had done, but having Andy, Axl, Billy, and Mike support him made this so much better. Jimmy fell asleep.

James called Axl. Axl answered and said, "James, you messed up really bad. You shouldn't have had sex with Allison. "

James said," Jimmy wasn't supposed to find out. I didn't know she was going to leave her panty in my bed."

Axl said," You should have gotten your own girlfriend, not lay with Jimmy's girlfriend.

"But, I like Allison."

"Please tell me you used a condom with Allison," Axl said in half Brother, half serious Manager.

James said,"Yes, I used a condom."

Axl breathed a relieved sigh of relief. "Good, because the last thing we need is for Allison to be pregnant with your Baby."

James agreed.

Axl said, "You know what, I'm going to help you out as your Brother like Friend and suggest you go take a nice vacation, out of State, maybe go to New York. Because Jimmy knows you are at the Local Marriott. The last thing you need is for him to go to the Local Marriott and kick your ass. Jimmy's sleeping now, so I'd book it out of there within a couple of minutes if I were you.

"Thank you for that advice, Axl! James said, gratefully. "I'll leave in a few minutes!"

Axl welcomed him and they said goodbye. Axl hung up the phone.

At the Local Marriott, James hastily packed his bags and checked out and took a LYFT to Miami International Airport and booked a last minute flight to New York. He got processed and went on Airplane to New York City, grateful that Axl looked out for him.
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James found himself calling Allison from New York and they chatted for a long while. James and she really liked each other. As evident by the sex they had not too long ago.

James couldn't believe he was in love with Jimmy's recent ex girlfriend, but it happened. James found himself asking if she wanted to be his girlfriend when he got back to Florida from New York after his New York vacation and she said yes. James was happy.

Back in Florida, Claven Records called Axl and told him that Fans wanted to see Cake cream perform at the James L Knight Center tomorrow.

Axl responded uncomfortably," Uh, we're kind of going through a crisis and maybe us performing tomorrow isn't the best idea."

Claven Records asked,"What's going on?"

Axl told the truth and admitted that James had sex with Allison and Jimmy was heartbroken over this and it might not be the best time for Cake Cream to be performing.

Claven Records responded," James had sex with Allison? Ooh, that's really bad, but is there a way that Cake Cream can still perform? I mean, the Fans really want to see Cake Cream perform tomorrow.

Axl gave in with a reluctant sigh. "Okay, I'll talk Jimmy into performing tomorrow with Cake Cream."

Claven Records were satisfied and they chatted a little while longer and then said their goodbyes and hung up.

Axl told Cake Cream that Claven Records said Fans wanted to see them perform at the James L Knight Center tomorrow.

Jimmy was apprehensive about performing tomorrow when he was heartbroken and James wasn't even there to play lead guitar, not that Jimmy particularly wanted James playing with him after that dastardly stunt James had just pulled.

Axl had an idea and told Cake Cream his idea. He would pretend to be James. They wore motorcycle helmets anyways and Axl could easily pretend to be James with the motorcycle helmet on and if he put on makeup on his Tattoos. Jimmy pointed out that Axl was not a lead guitarist, and in fact, he wasn't a Guitarist at all. Axl told him,"Don't worry about that. In 1987, I play with Slash, Izzy, and Duff who all play Guitar. Surely some of their talents must have rubbed off on me." He was smiling. "We're working for the Fans who want to see Cake Cream perform. Remember that."

Jimmy discussed this with Cake Cream and they were all on board. Jimmy, Andy, Billy, and Mike practiced, with Jimmy being the sole bassist without James's lead guitaring.

They chilled until the next day and the next day, Axl took James's guitar and Cake Cream and Axl all went to the Venue wearing bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets.

Axl and Cake Cream minus James went on stage behind bulletproof plexiglass barriers and Fans wondered where the hell was Axl (Axl was pretending to be James). Axl plucked James' guitar crazily like an untrained and clumsy 5 year old playing pretend. Jimmy sounded good as the bass guitar, but it was clear that Axl was no Guitar Player. Apparently, Slash, Duff, and Izzy guitar prowesses did not run off on Axl. Luckily, Billy, Mike, Jimmy and Andy sounded really good. Fans cheered, but it was clear they noticed something was off with "James," and Axl being nowhere to be seen. After the show, they did the final sendoff, and Fans gave confused cheering.

Cake Cream and Axl left the Venue and went home.

Already the latest Cake Cream Show went viral and Fans were wondering,"Where the hell was Axl?" And why did James play so off tonight when he is usually a talented and very good lead guitarist?" Cake Cream and Axl blushed knowing exactly what had happened.
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James soon called Axl's Cellphone and Axl politely excused himself to his room and Cake Cream agreed. He went to his room.

James amusingly asked,"Axl, what were you thinking with that awful guitar stunt at the Cake Cream show?"

Axl blushed and asked,"How did you know it was me? I was supposedly "Not there."

James amused responded,"Come on, we all have that knowing vibe between us.

Axl responded,"Yeah, we do."

James responded," Your guitar playing was hilariously cringe worthy." James laughed.

"Hey, so I'm no you, Slash, Duff, Jimmy, or Izzy. I'm a SINGER, not a Guitar God." Axl said, lightheartedly.

James responded,"Fans noticed something was off with "My," performance, James said thoughtfully.

Axl responded," You are a great lead guitarist. You and Jimmy are a phenomenal guitar playing duo, you and him are guitar playing magic."

"I really messed up my and Jimmy's deep friendship by having sex with Allison," James said thoughtfully.

"Yes, you did," Axl responded seriously. "Allison is someone you JUST met, but Jimmy is like your brother."

"I like Allison so much," James lamented.

"This would have been completely fine if Allison and you were dating first, not Jimmy and Allison.

James responded that Axl was right.

James and Axl chatted for a long while and then said their goodbyes and hung up.

Axl went to Jimmy and asked him how he felt about James.

Jimmy sneered and said ,"I still hate him and want to beat his ass."

Axl said, "A little birdie told me that James feels guilty over having sex with Allison."

Jimmy responded,"Is this "Little birdie's" name James?"

Axl coyly responded,"I plead the fifth," which Cake Cream knew was code for "Yes," when Axl said that.

Jimmy responded,"I'm still not ready to forgive him. He shouldn't have done that in the first place."

Axl and he chatted for a little while longer and Axl went to his room.

He remembered the hurt song he wrote about Andy's attempted betrayal and Billy liking the song and telling him he should give it to Cake Cream. He wondered if he should write it again since James hurt Jimmy really badly.

He got a paper and a pen and wrote again

"You really hurt me. I loved you like a Brother and you stabbed me in my heart. The betrayal I feel from you is soul crushing. I thought you loved me. I would never have done the unspeakable betrayal you did to me. It's always loved ones betrayal that hurts the most. This would have hurt badly if a complete stranger had done this to me, but YOU? NO! NO! NO! How could you do it? I trusted you, I lived with you, I willingly ate food and drank drinks you gave me without a moment's hesitation. The pain I feel over this is unbearable.

Axl showed the hurt song to Billy and Billy's eyes lit up. "That's the hurt song you wrote about Andy's attempted betrayal! You rewrote it!" Billy was happy.

Axl responded,"Yes it is. The hurt song's lyrics fit what James did to Jimmy perfectly.

Billy responded,"Yes, they do.

Axl showed the Hurt Song to Jimmy and told him he wrote the Hurt Song. Jimmy responded, "That's EXACTLY how I feel about James!"

Jimmy passed the Hurt Song to Andy and Andy blushed, remembering the attempted betrayal he tried to do to Axl and wondered if the hurt song was originally about him.

Andy responded out loud,"It's a good song."

Mike also thought it was a good song.

Cake Cream and Axl decided to make this a real song and Mike sang the song, Jimmy did bass guitar, Andy played Keyboard, and Billy did the drums. It sounded really good. But one thing was missing. James's awesome lead guitar. The song would sound phenomenal if James was the lead guitar on this song.

Jimmy didn't want to admit that the hurt song would sound phenomenal with James awesome lead guitar. He was still hurting. It was the "I know it, but I don't want to admit it," thing.

Axl wondered if he should get James to play lead guitar on the hurt song, and then go back to New York. That's really what the hurt song needed, but Jimmy would most likely kick James ass if he saw him. Axl was torn on what to do.
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Andy asked Axl in private if The Hurt Song was originally written about him.

Axl straight up said,"Yes."

Andy replied,"But you forgave me. Why did you write that song about me?"

Axl responded,"I wrote The Hurt Song BEFORE I forgave you, not AFTER. I tore up The Hurt Song after I forgave you and wrote it again lyric for lyric for Jimmy.

Andy responded," You wrote The Hurt Song again lyric by lyric?" He was impressed.

Axl responded,"Yes,"

Andy responded,"You're a really good Songwriter," the same thing Billy had told him.

"Thank you," Axl responded. Andy welcomed him. Andy left and Axl ate a couple of slices of pizza and drank a glass of Coca Cola. The Coca Cola tasted so good that he had another glass. There were 6 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola in the huge fridge for 6 People.

Axl was drowning his Cake Cream woes in Coca Cola. Cake Cream was a fucing mess and Axl was the Captain of this mess of a ship. Axl ordered more Coca Cola from Instacart and put them in the Fridge when they arrived.

To Cake Cream he said, "This Coke is the only Coke we should be doing." Billy blushed, remembering his Cocaine he snorted not too long ago.

Axl continued,"But it's Rock And Roll nature to do Cocaine. Just remember to do Cocaine only in this house. Jimmy, Andy, and Mike all said they weren't doing Cocaine. Billy blushed again.

Andy, Mike, and Jimmy were like,"Billy, you didn't say you're not doing Cocaine!"

Billy lowered his eyes shyly.

Mike asked," Billy are you doing Cocaine?" Billy continued to look at the ground.

Mike said,"We agreed to be more open with each other," he prompted gently.

Andy and Jimmy also wanted to know.

They all straight up asked Billy if he was doing Cocaine.

Billy said,"Yes, I'm doing Cocaine."

Mike responded,"You're usually so responsible. How could you be taking Cocaine?" Andy and Jimmy also were surprised Billy had been doing Cocaine.

Billy mentioned he took Cocaine to cope with the fact that John Wilson tried to murder him twice and shot Axl multiple times.

Mike asked Axl why he wasn't surprised that Billy had been doing Cocaine. Mike asked Axl if he had already known that Billy was doing Cocaine. Andy and Jimmy also wanted to know.

Axl shyly responded he already knew Billy had been doing Cocaine. Mike, Jimmy, and Andy responded that Axl should have told them about Billy's Cocaine use. Axl responded that Billy also took Subutex so it would help him not be a drug addict.

Axl drank another glass of Coca Cola.

Mike responded,"Axl, you might be becoming a Coca Cola addict."

Axl responded,"Nonsense. Coca Cola is legal and isn't a drug."

Caffeine is a drug, Mike responded.

Axl responded,"But you can't be arrested for drinking Coca Cola, so it's legal."

Axl drank yet another glass of Coca Cola. He was trying hard to cope with all of the bad things happening with Cake Cream. He was using Coca Cola as a delicious coping mechanism.

Cake Cream looked at Axl worriedly. Was Axl developing a Coke problem? Soda wise that is. Axl said he wanted to go to the Mall.

Jimmy, Andy, Billy, and Mike told them they would go with him.

He then changed his story and said he was going to go to the Park. They all said they would go with him.

He then changed his story again and said he wanted to go to Claven Records alone. They all said they would go with him.

He then changed his story and said he wanted to go to the library. They all said they would go with him.

He said,"Would you guys please leave me alone? I want to go out by myself!" They reluctantly let him go out by himself.

Axl put on his bulletproof vest and a motorcycle helmet and went to McDonald's and ordered a Quarter Pounder, fries, and three large Cokes. He was eating and enjoying his meals when Jimmy came to him.

"Hey Axl," Jimmy told him in a concerned brother like way.

Jimmy, go back home and let me enjoy my meal and drinks in peace."

"Axl, you just bought three large Cokes just for yourself," Jimmy pointed out concerned.

"Let me live. It's just Coke drinks." Axl said defensively. He continued drinking his Cokes and eating.

Jimmy said,"Can I have the Coke drink you didn't touch?" He asked.

"Noooo!" Axl said, inhumanly. He began drinking the Coke that was previously untouched.

Jimmy responded,"I'll buy my own large Coke and a Quarter Pounder meal and I'll sit with you. Axl tried to tell him to go home, but Jimmy insisted on staying with Axl. Axl reluctantly allowed him to stay with him. Jimmy bought the Quarter Pounder meal with a large Coke. He sat with Axl and Axl and he had a nice meal, enjoying each other's company. Jimmy looked at Axl deeply.

"We all care about you, Axl."

Axl was glad that Jimmy came to see him at McDonald's.

Jimmy responded," We agreed to be more open with each other."

Axl said,"It's just that Cake Cream is falling apart. There's so much bad shait going on with our band. We used to be such a tight band, but lately, we've gone to shait. Axl continued drinking his Cokes and eating. Jimmy drank his Coke and continued eating.

They both chatted and finished eating and drinking. They went back home.
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At home, Axl took a nap on the couch. He awoke and heard Jimmy, Andy, and Mike talking to each other. He pretended to still be asleep.

Jimmy said, "Axl is addicted to Coke, the drink. Do you know he was at McDonald's and drank THREE large Cokes? He also drank 5 glasses of Coke before leaving the house."

Mike said," I don't know what's worse. Axl being hooked on Coke the drink or Billy doing Coke, the drug.

Andy said ,"Obviously Billy doing Coke the drug is worse."

Jimmy said,"But Axl being hooked on Coke the drink can't be good for his health either."

Andy gently responded,"Just let Axl live. He isn't hurting anyone by drinking a lot of Coke. " Whoa. Andy sounded like Axl a little.

Jimmy said, "He's hurting himself with his Coke soda addiction."

Mike said, "We've got a Coke the drink addict and a Coke the drug addict. What should we do?"

Andy said, "But Billy is taking Subutex which will help him not be addicted to Coke. And the WORST thing that can happen to Axl with his Coke soda addiction is Diabetes. Older Axl doesn't have Diabetes so our Axl who lives with us should be fine."

Axl felt kind of good about Andy referring to him as "Our Axl."

Mike and Jimmy pointed out that Older Axl and Young Axl were two different People technically.

Andy still pointed out that Jimmy and Mike should let Axl keep drinking Coke excessively. They should leave Axl alone. It was just soda. He said Mike and Jimmy should mind their business when it came to Axl's love of Coca Cola. Did Axl possess Andy?

Jimmy and Mike playfully/half seriously asked Andy if he was possessed by Axl. They pointed out he was sounding more and more like Axl.

Andy said,"No, I'm not possessed by Axl. I just feel you guys are being judgemental when it comes to Axl's Coke drinking. It's not affecting any of us. Axl deserves to be able to drink his Coke and have fun drinking it without being judged. Axl is hard working and deserves his fun.

Axl was still pretending to be asleep but he was smiling inside at Andy sticking up for him.

Mike and Jimmy once again asked if Axl possessed Andy.

Andy said exasperated,"No, I'm not possessed by Axl. Please stop saying that. It's ridiculous."

Jimmy and Mike agreed to let the possessed questions stop and Andy thanked them and they welcomed him. They chatted for a while and went to their own rooms.
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Axl got off the couch. He went to Billy's Room and they made out. They watched TV, snuggling with each other.

The trust and love Axl and Billy had for each other was palpable. Axl felt vulnerable and glad he was with Billy in bed.

Billy and he fell asleep.

They woke up the next morning and Jimmy, Andy, Mike, Billy and Axl ate and got ready for the day.

They went on Social Media and more and more Cakers were talking about "James's" incredibly off guitar playing at the latest Cake Cream Show.

James sounded like a Beginner. I've been following Cake Cream for years and James's guitar playing is usually beyond awesome. I can't believe he played like a Beginner the other day. That is so out of character for him One particular post said succinctly.

Cake Cream and Axl looked at each other intently knowing exactly why "James," sounded off.

Axl wondered if he should get James to come back to Cake Cream and play his beyond awesome lead guitar. But he was worried Jimmy might beat him up.

He told Jimmy his thoughts.

Jimmy acknowledged that the Fans wanted to hear James's beyond awesome lead guitar. Jimmy acknowledged that James was a phenomenal God on Guitar. He added that he was still angry and hurt by James.

Axl thought of a solution. He drew up a Contract that stated that if James came back to play his beyond awesome lead guitar, Jimmy wouldn't lay hands on James.

He had Jimmy read it and pointed out that Cakers wanted to hear James play. He pointed out they were working for the Fans.

Jimmy thought of a technical loophole and signed the Contract stating that he wouldn't lay hands on James. Axl smiled and Andy, Billy, Mike, and Axl signed as Witnesses.

Axl called James and told him the good news that Jimmy signed a Contract stating that he wouldn't lay hands on him and asked him to be at the next Cake Cream Show. James agreed.

Cake Cream and Axl chilled until the next day when a Cake Cream Show was scheduled. James flew in from New York for the Show. Jimmy glared at James and James giggled uncomfortably and nervously.

Axl said,"Jimmy, remember the Contract you signed."

Jimmy said,"Okay, Axl." Cake Cream practiced for the show and the magic of James and Jimmy's awesome guitar playing skills was was kind of back. Andy, Mike, Billy, and Axl smiled. They all put on motorcycle helmets and bulletproof vests.

They went to the Venue and practiced again and sounded good. It was time for the Show.

Lots of Cakers came to see Cake Cream. Cake Cream and Axl were proud. But Axl took a precaution.

Axl said,"Anyone in Cake Cream who's birthname is James, I'm going to need you guys to play on opposite sides of the stage."

James Dobson (James) and James King(Jimmy) agreed to listen to Axl and played on opposite sides of the stage.

Cake Cream performed their set and James beyond awesome lead guitar complemented Jimmy's wonderful Bass Guitar. Cake Cream all sounded good but it was clear there was tension between Jimmy and James even with them at opposite sides of the stage. The Cakers enjoyed James being back to his beyond awesome lead guitar however. They cheered wildly.

At the final Sendoff, James and Jimmy were still at opposite sides of the stage. Fans were confused but still cheered wildly. Cake Cream did an awesome show. But then something bad happened.

Jimmy walked up to James and angrily swung his Bass Guitar hard in James's stomach with his bass guitar! James recoiled in pain. The Fans were stunned! So were Axl, James, Andy, Mike, and Billy. Jimmy had signed a legally binding Contract to not lay hands on James! How could he hit James with his Bass Guitar in his stomach?

Axl held back Jimmy again and asked him how could he hit James in the stomach with his Bass Guitar after signing the legal binding Contract forbidding him from laying hands on James.

Jimmy nastily responded,"The Contract states I am not allowed to lay hands on James. I hit James in his stomach with my Bass Guitar. I didn't lay hands on James. Technical Loophole."

Axl was like,"Damn, you're right technically. I should have stated something like,"You're not allowed to hurt James at all!"

Jimmy nastily smirked. James was stunned and Billy, Andy, and Mike tended to James who was groaning in pain. The Show was over.

Fans shook their heads in stunned confusion and left.
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Axl continued to hold back Jimmy. "James, I'm going to have you taken to the ER to get medical attention.

James was wincing in pain and agreed to go to the ER. Axl was torn. Should he accompany James or support Jimmy? James being hit with Jimmy's guitar was his own fault. He shouldn't have had sex with Allison. He knew he was having sex with Jimmy's girlfriend. But James was in need of medical attention. He decided to tell the rest of Cake Cream to accompany James in the ER while he supported Jimmy. Andy, Mike, Billy agreed to accompany James in the ER. James was grateful that Axl was looking out for him this way and that his three brothers were going with him to the ER.

Ambulance was called for James and Axl and he said their goodbyes and Mike, Andy, and Billy were allowed to accompany James in the ambulance. Billy, Andy, and Mike also said their goodbyes to Axl and Jimmy and they said them back. Jimmy and James didn't say anything to each other understandably.

The ambulance left to take James to the ER.

Axl looked at Jimmy thoughtfully. "Hitting James in the stomach with your Guitar wasn't the right thing to do. But I understand your frustration. James did you wrong."

Jimmy responded,"I hate James so much." His voice quivered with emotion."

Axl had a feeling that Jimmy didn't REALLY hate James, he was just in a lot of pain.

"Come on, we'll have a nice boys out, just us two," Axl coaxed. Jimmy smiled.

They went to Carvel Ice cream Parlor and pigged out on Sundaes. They enjoyed hanging out.

They went back home and just chilled and watched TV and chatted.

Already the show they just did was viral. Fans were stunned at how violent Jimmy was to James. He was usually sweet and kind. Fans were wondering if James should press charges on Jimmy for Assault.

Jimmy had a look of panic in his face. "Could James press charges on me for Assault?"

Axl told him reluctantly,"Yes, he could, but right now, he's probably hyped up on painkillers and isn't thinking of pressing charges."

Jimmy relaxed a little. He hoped James wouldn't press charges on him.
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Jimmy and Axl chatted for a long while and Jimmy fell asleep. Axl called Billy and asked how James was holding up.

Billy said," James is on multiple painkillers and is incoherent. The doctors are working hard on him."

Axl replied, "Hopefully he makes a full recovery quickly."

Billy replied,"I hope so too. Billy added,"How is Jimmy?"

Axl replied,"Jimmy is... Jimmy is..... He hesitated.

"Go on," Billy coaxed him.

Axl answered,"Jimmy is worried that James is going to press charges on him for Assault."

Billy was appalled. THAT'S what Jimmy cares about and not how James's health is? He hit him in the stomach with his Bass Guitar for God's sakes!"

Axl replied,"Yeah, I know. "

Billy replied,"Jimmy is being incredibly selfish in this situation."

Hmm. I don't know. Jimmy is just REALLY hurt. He says he hates James but I feel he is just really mad at him. Axl responded. James broke Jimmy's heart by sleeping with Allison."

Billy responded,"But he could have more remorse and compassion for James."

Axl said,"I know."

Billy added, " I love you." Billy made kissing noises over the phone, the implication clear. Axl happily blushed and said,"I love you too," and gave him kisses over the phone right back.

They chatted for a while and then said their goodbyes and hung up.

Jimmy soon woke up.

Axl looked at him deeply.

"I spoke to Billy and Billy told me that James is on multiple painkillers and is incoherent. Doctors are working hard on him. "

Jimmy coldly replied,"James wouldn't be in this mess if he didn't have sex with Allison."

Axl was appalled at Jimmy's nonchalant response to this.

Jimmy, you landed James in the ER! Have more compassion and remorse!"

Jimmy replied, "What compassion did James have for me when he had sex with Allison? He knew Allison was my girlfriend and he still went into her on purpose. She's not much better. She let him go in her knowing I was her boyfriend and he was one of my brothers. I hate them both so much." Jimmy cried angry tears. It was obvious the pain he was in over this.

Axl comforted him, wiping away his angry tears. Jimmy smiled back.

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