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right-track 08-04-2005 04:18 PM

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this ones for you adidasss on it for full version.

adidasss 08-04-2005 04:34 PM


Sneer 08-04-2005 05:02 PM

hasnt croatia got zagreb (yes you shits before you state the obvious im well aware zagreb is the croation capital) aswell? arent they supposed to be a prestigious, successful croation football team?

adidasss 08-04-2005 05:05 PM

zagreb is our capital and it has several football clubs, Dinamo, Zagreb and Inter, Dinamo is by far the biggest one and the most financially backed.....i wouldn't call it prestigeous and succesfull, maybe in croatia but they never did anything outside....Hajduk made it to the 1/4 finals of the champions league some 10 years ago, that's the biggest succes of a croatian club....

Sneer 08-04-2005 05:07 PM

i meant zagreb. not inter- not dinamo- just zagreb.

adidasss 08-04-2005 05:12 PM

no zagreb is a shitty club, they won the championship some 2 years ago but other then i said there are only two clubs that can fill up a stadium with 40 thousand seats....well, not even they, the quality of football here is really awfull, still i'm pretty attached to Hajduk so i hate it when they lose to Dinamo...

franscar 08-04-2005 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by LedZepStu
shame birmingham doesnt have a player of fabregas's quality. you might actually get into europe with him. and only 18, already makes izzet and dunn look silly.

You sold us a better player than him in Pennant.

18? Who cares when Ivan Campo's handing him his ass on a plate again this season? Or maybe Arsenal will fold in the face of furious Phil Neville once more, in his new home.

And what was the score the last time Arsenal played Birmingham City? Not great considering Reyes cost Arsenal pretty much the same as our entire squad, is it?

Urban Hat€monger ? 08-05-2005 07:40 PM

Fabregas looks promising for the future but he`s hardly in the mould of a Viera, Keane or Gerrard , players that can single handedly grab hold of games by the scruff of their necks & make something happen.

So then Stu , Pires of to Galatasaray then? ;)

tdoc210 08-05-2005 08:10 PM

soccer is fun in all i like manchester united

HasBeenCorrected 08-05-2005 10:10 PM

British football (soccer) is awesome, American football sucks ass... and yes I do live in America.

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