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Default This little piece of kit is gonna be pimp beyond pimp.

Products*&*Ordering - Graph Tech

Good already, yes? A new floyd on the market...excellent stuff. And the improvements look very worthwhile too!


Products*&*Ordering - Graph Tech

Thats right. For the first time since the introduction of the floyd rose, there is a mass produced, freely available PIEZO VARIANT. No more buying second hand Ibanez bridges from Ebay at ridiculous prices, no more hack handed modification of other piezo systems!

NOTE: I emailed Graphtech a few questions about this bridge. Heres what I got back from them, quoted below. Make special note of the different arm holder design on the production product. the standard bridges product page (first link) shows the new design. The second link shows a prototype piezo variant with a different arm holder.

Originally Posted by GuitarBizarre
Heres what I got back from graphtech:

Looking at the picture on your site its hard to tell, but is your new Floyd Design based on a Gotoh bridge?

What are the main differences between your floyd and the Original/Schaller/Gotoh Floyds? I'm fairly familiar with the Ibanez edge systems also and would appreciate some information to compare the offerings.

I'm very much on the lookout for good piezo systems but I'm a diehard Floating Trem user and want to have the best quality floating action as a priority. A piezo is a fantastic idea but has to come second to that in my estimation....

Thanks in advance.
Hi Mathew,

Our new LB63 bridge is not based on a Gotoh bridge. It's our own design, and we combined ideas from several bridges to offer a combination of features unique to our bridge. These include:

- hardened knife edges, with lateral positioning determined by one blade only (to optimize the fit on a wider variety of guitars)
- angled fine tuners to provide more hand clearance for palm muting
- set-screw type tremolo arm lock to permit fine-tuning the tension to your preference

Our beta testers have had nothing but positive feedback using the LB63, so we're confident about showing this product at NAMM in January.

Let me know if you have any specific features you'd like to compare.

Morgan Ahoff
Ghost Technical Support
Graph Tech Guitar Labs
604-940-5353 x26

Here's a few of photos for you. One shows everything that comes with the LB63, but this gold bridge is actually an early prototype (with the old Graph Tech logo). The new (black) one has the new logo, and we've changed the way we do the trem arm tube, from a nylon sleeve to a steel sleeve with a nylon-tipped set screw, for more responsive action. The other bridge next to the black LB63 is a Hipshot bass bridge, nothing to do with Floyd Rose.

Edit:About the knife edges!

Its not a single knife edge. They're both standard knives, just like on gotoh trems. The flat edge is still sharpened just like on an ibanez edge or something like that. It basically means that you don't have to have exactly perfect stud spacing to have the bridge work properly. If you have 2 curved knife edges, then even 1mm out of alignment on the studs can result in a bridge that will never, EVER return properly to tune.

The flat knife edges do wear a very small amount more than a curved knife edge, but they can be really easily sharpened with just a small file. Get it butterknife sharp again and it removes any sense of binding within the posts. THeres even a guide to doing it on

It'll actually be easier to do on this bridge too, because the baseplate on the Edge trems are thicker and angled around the knife edges, so you can't get a really good filing angle. This doesn't have that so you can sharpen it really easily. (Although assuming its as hard as a floyd or Gotoh knife edge, it won't need sharpening for a good long time. 3-5 years even with heavy tremolo abuse.)
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