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Default Electric Drums vs Acoustic for recording

Hey everybody! First off let me thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

So I have started to get into the world of drumming (I am already a guitarist/bassist/violinist/pianist) and I really enjoy it. At this point in time, I have just borrowed drum kits from a few of my friends for a few weeks. I've decided that I need a drum kit so that I can play drums behind the rest of my music.

I have tried using online drum samples and whatnot, but they really don't seem to cut it. And nothing beats the experience of actually playing the drums. So I have started looking into it, and it looks like if I played the acoustic drums there are a few things that I would have to worry about. First off I'd need some way of making them quieter, probably some sort of soundproof foam or something. I don't expect that to be too expensive but I really don't know about that much. Also, I couldn't record the sound without drum mics (obviously). But, I really enjoy the experience of playing acoustic drums over the experience of playing electric ones. It just feels more real, and it's easier to control volume (not with a volume slider, but actually... velocity? Not sure how to describe it).

As I said, I just need a drum kit to record. Giving the extra cost of the foam and drum mics thats added with an acoustic kit, is it really worth it? I do not plan to play on stage or with any bands or anything like that, so I'm not sure if an acoustic kit is really needed. Does it sound more real?

My price range is $800-1300, but I could probably extend it another few hundred over the next month if its completely necessary. I just need something that sounds good over recording; and while the acoustic drum kit may be nicer sounding at the $1200 mark than the $1200 electric I tried, I still have to factor in that soundproofing (stupid neighbors) and the drum mics. And, maybe cost isn't everything; maybe I just got my hands on a not-so-good electric drum kit.

So what do you guys think? I know it was a lot to read. I really appreciate your time!

Oh, and if the genre matters (probably won't), I play a lot of punk rock and alternative music.

I should probably note that I do not have any former drumming experience, other than those 2 weeks I had borrowed drums from my friends. I feel like it should be pretty easy to get into, and both kits seemed fairly easy to learn, but I really liked learning on the acoustic better. What do you guys think, as far as learning goes?

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if you can find the space and you don't live in apartment, then acoustic drums are the best and you can use them really in so many styles!

Also, the fun of choosing the right microphones. It's a cool experience, I helped a friend in this and we made lots of experiments. There are many sound variations that can be done.
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Warn your neighbours
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Mic the snare with a condenser--period. Hi-hats and cymbals can take ribbons or condensers. Try ribbons first--they're cheaper, capture the high frequencies very well and don't require phantom power. Toms can take condensers or dynamics. I would go with dynamics. Kick drums must be miked with a special low-freq dynamic mic. I would recommend the Sennheiser MD-421 or the Electro-Voice RE-20.
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