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FanonTim 09-23-2015 03:38 PM

FanonTim's Top 20 Songs of the Decade so far.. (2010-2015)

Goofle 09-23-2015 03:51 PM

Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on.

Black Francis 09-23-2015 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by FanonTim (Post 1637135)
18# Maroon 5 - One More Night

I feel a little sick all of the sudden.

Ol’ Qwerty Bastard 09-23-2015 06:48 PM

You know what, I can't think of any flaws with your list, not even one.

YorkeDaddy 09-23-2015 07:10 PM

I would've made literally the EXACT same list, song-for-song, even in the exact same order

Oriphiel 09-23-2015 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by FanonTim (Post 1637135)
7# Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz - Thrift Shop


YorkeDaddy 09-23-2015 07:24 PM

Superior to Thrift Shop: this parody that my best friend (also the other half of cloudcover) made with his fellow engineering students:

Oriphiel 09-23-2015 07:34 PM

^ :laughing:

I really hope this thread becomes dedicated to parody songs.

Plainview 09-23-2015 07:34 PM

I just love that you put the hash after the number.

Norg 09-24-2015 01:15 AM

Man your list is very uhh poppy anyways Cool idea here is mine

20. Gin and Crack Attack Macaques

19. The Contortionist - Language I: Intuition

18. Ajda Pekkan-Viens Dans Ma Vie

17. Crudo-Let's Go (dan the Automator and Mike Patton)

16. Congo Natty-Uk Allstars (feat. Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie & Daddy Freddy) [Congo Natty Meets Benny Page Mix]

15. Steins gate -technovision Short Ver.

14. Blanck Mass "Dead Format"

13. Mndsgn - TXT (MSGS)

12. Author & Punisher-TerrorBird

11. Skream-Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank)

10. マクロスMACROSS 82-99-Want Me ( w/ Soul Bells)

9. Dread collective-Machine Girl - Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix)

8. マクロスMACROSS 82-99-Horsey (feat. Sarah Bonito)

7. Jonathan Kusuma - Gong 3000

6. Dave Koz-Start All Over Again (feat. Dana Glover)

5. Killbot- Ill **** it

4. Thoughts-Goodbye

3. Dodo-Nuclear Mustard

2. Phuture Doom- Burn the Knowledge

1. Kindness -That's Alright

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