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Originally Posted by Comus View Post
Mr. Dave makes some good points, but let's remember that there are rock bands that are making it 'big'. I'm talking being able to make music that will make you world known, maybe not within the mainstream, but to enough people that you can be commercially viable. It's not so hard at the end of the day. Rock won't ever die out, simply because none of the styles that came before it have. There are still dance bands, there are still crooners out there playing and making a living out of it.

Just because it isn't "mainstream" anymore (which I completely dissagree with) doesn't mean it's not there. The big bands of the 70's still get thousands of listens, and more and more people are opening up their eyes to the past as well as the future. I used to think that rock was dead and today's kids listen only to rap and other rubbish, but that's wrong. So what if it's not the genre that's talked about the most on the media, who the hell cares? Not you if you bring it up, only the idiots that listen to the media care.
Plenty of styles have already died out (and it would be unwise to resurrect them), but yes, their influence lives on through popular music. I don't think rock n' roll has waxed quite yet; it may in the next decade or so, but it's still going today. The bigger conundrum is what will happen to the music industry itself (and independent music stores - the real victims of the piracy age).

Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
Honestly kids are having babies younger than ever all these things that relate back to the message that this Rap music sends out.. Im not saying the new age rock with your buckcherry is away from that. I just seems like a way more sexually explicit type world after the whole Rap blowup.. You do the math.
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