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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
Honestly kids are having babies younger than ever all these things that relate back to the message that this Rap music sends out.. Im not saying the new age rock with your buckcherry is away from that. I just seems like a way more sexually explicit type world after the whole Rap blowup.. You do the math.
have you watched cable tv in the last decade? how about satellite tv?

wanna take a guess as to what else started invading middle american homes about 10 years ago? biggest porn provider on the planet and it's all 1s and 0s.

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Mr. Dave makes some good points, but let's remember that there are rock bands that are making it 'big'. I'm talking being able to make music that will make you world known, maybe not within the mainstream, but to enough people that you can be commercially viable. It's not so hard at the end of the day. Rock won't ever die out, simply because none of the styles that came before it have. There are still dance bands, there are still crooners out there playing and making a living out of it.
i'm totally in line with this. although from what i gather online the ratio of start up rock bands vs. successful rock bands is rather puny. to the point where i really think you have better odds of winning the lotto than being a world renowned rock star.
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I type whicked fast, (updated 06/28/09-ish)
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