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ando here 01-15-2022 05:39 PM

World/Folk Music Rotation...
What are you listening to? Post it!

Arooj Aftab stopped me in my tracks. Had to post her tiny desk concert -

set list
Saans Lo

Darian Donovan Thomas violin
Shahzad Ismaily bass, synth
Gyan Riley guitar
Maeve Gilchrist harp
Arooj Aftab vocals

ando here 01-16-2022 12:39 AM


Safar 01-19-2022 04:57 AM

Orquestra Afro-Brasileira - Saudação ao Rei Nagô (Brazil)

Nahawa Doumbia — Ndiagneko (Mali)

Simaro Massiya Lutumba - Faute Ya Commerçant (DRC)

Laurel Premo - Calloway (USA)

Music from around the world

ando here 01-19-2022 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by Safar (Post 2197111)

Nice. Nearly forgot about the thread. Thanks. :)

Frownland 01-20-2022 10:21 PM

ando here 01-21-2022 01:27 AM


Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 2197224)

Reminds me of Alpha Blondy. Nice.

Safar 01-21-2022 07:29 AM

Baba Sissoko (Mali) - Griot Jazz (feat. Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Lansiné Kouyaté & Madou Sidiki Diabate)

Spoiler for Baba Sissoko - Sini Ka Dja (feat. Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Lansiné Kouyaté & Madou Sidiki Diabate):

Ablaye Cissoko (Senegal) · Volker Goetze - Sira

Spoiler for Ablaye Cissoko · Volker Goetze - Amanké Dionti:

Safar 01-24-2022 08:39 AM

Orchestra Baobab - Jiin Ma Jiin Ma (Senegal)

Cheikh Lô - Lutax (Senegal)

Pape & Cheikh - Mariama (Senegal)

Raime 01-27-2022 06:42 PM

Some Arabic guitar banjo folk. Some songs on this album are pretty out there, but this is pretty in line for folk. (Morocco)

Safar 02-03-2022 03:29 AM

Lila Downs, Niña Pastori, Soledad, Raíz - La Raíz de Mi Tierra (México, Argentina, Spain)

Spoiler for Lila Downs, Niña Pastori, Soledad - Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir:

Los Cojolites - De la Lluvia y el Sol feat. Lila Downs (México)

Spoiler for Los Cojolites - El Sonido del Cajón:

Safar 02-14-2022 03:13 AM

Zeibekiko of Evdokia (Greece)

Mikis Theodorakis - Otan Sfigoun To Heri (When They Grab One's Hand) (Greece)

Safar 02-23-2022 11:51 PM

Georg Paterakis - Logetta (Greece)

Patcheco de Gumbé - Catchur Kumpé (Guinea-Bissau)

Spoiler for Patcheco de Gumbé - Pubis Ku Bô:

Khun Narin - Chackim (Thailand)

ando here 02-24-2022 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by Safar (Post 2200240)
Georg Paterakis - Logetta (Greece)

Patcheco de Gumbé - Catchur Kumpé (Guinea-Bissau)

Spoiler for Patcheco de Gumbé - Pubis Ku Bô:

Khun Narin - Chackim (Thailand)

Nice. All three. Thanks.

Mindfulness 02-24-2022 07:20 PM

Safar 02-25-2022 06:42 AM

Khun Narin - Baisi Sukhwan (Thailand)

Guybrush 02-25-2022 06:46 AM

I WISH I could share it with you, but it's nowhere to be found, not on youtube or any other streaming service I have at my disposal.

The song is Glass Butterflies by Dirk Campbell and it's a gorgeous piece of world music. Well worth hunting down if you can find it.

rostasi 02-25-2022 09:38 AM

The last part of this incorporating his tune "Symposium."

Guybrush 02-25-2022 10:51 AM

What the hell? Thanks Rostasi :love:

Why didn't I find it? Must be something wrong with my googling skills :confused:

The gentle, earthen and watery-guggly sound of that flute after the 2 minute mark is something I just find wonderful. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I thought perhaps some kind of ocarina?

rostasi 02-25-2022 11:25 AM

The flutes that I can hear in this tune are,
in order, a duduk, Irish flute, bansuri and a kaval.
Nice piece of whirled music, but may be
too dissonant near the beginning for some.
New age people often have delicate snowflake ears.

Guybrush 02-25-2022 12:21 PM

Cool Rostasi :) you sure know your flutes / recorders.

I kinda knew ocarina was a dumb suggestion :laughing: but there's some jug-ish quality to the sound of the lower register flute that just makes me think of clay.

I also know Dirk from earlier Canterbury related projects like Egg and early National Health (when he was known as Mont). He was in the British news some time ago as his daughter was a soldier and was killed in battle with ISIS. There were troubles getting bodies back to the UK for burial and I saw an interview with him about it :(

Seems he performs with his son these days.

rostasi 02-25-2022 01:00 PM

The duduk is used a lot in soundtracks.
The low, breathy tones might be something desired
for dark elements in film and video game scores and
it seems that some well-known musicians
(Peter Gabriel being one of them) brought some
attention to the instrument and its most well-known performer,
the late (he died just last year) Djivan Gasparyan.

rostasi 02-25-2022 03:33 PM

rostasi 02-25-2022 09:38 PM

Siti Muharam

The great-granddaughter of the first woman to sing taarab,
Siti Binta Saad, who also introduced Swahili to the music.

Safar 03-02-2022 11:41 AM

DakhaBrakha - Nad dunaem (Ukraine)

escforum 03-04-2022 04:53 AM

These are amazing xD

ando here 03-04-2022 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by escforum (Post 2200819)
These are amazing xD

ditto. nice.

Psy-Fi 03-12-2022 06:54 AM

Johnny Blas - Salsa Para Ti (2022)


Hard-hitting Conguero , Johnny Blas has performed and recorded in the world of Latin music and jazz for over 45 years. Charismatic and intense, Johnny is a seasoned performer whose musicality extends as a CONGUERO! Timbalero , Bongosero , Saxophone, Flute, composer, and bandleader. Johnny Blas and his band puts on a fierce show with swing, energy and heat. Blas is a New York native influenced by Ray Barreto, Armando Peraza, Charlie Parker and more. Johnny has performed all over the world with great musicians

Safar 03-19-2022 10:05 AM

Ray Barretto - Acid

Tito Puente - Five Beat Mambo

New Swing Sextet - Mira Mama

Safar 03-22-2022 12:52 AM

Tam Tam 2000 - Me vuelvo Guajiro ·

Safar 04-20-2022 12:57 AM


Today, at 71 years old, Horace Andy’s voice endures. Time has been kind to the crystal clear tone that has served him throughout his 50+ year career; his latest, Midnight Rocker, is full of soulful cuts with production by British dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood (Lee “Scratch” Perry, Mark Stewart).
Horace Andy - Safe From Harm (Jamaica)


...Dawuni’s progressive fusion of Reggae, Soul and traditional African sounds, have been making steady inroads in the entertainment industry.
Rocky Dawuni ft. Stonebwoy - Wickedest Sound (Ghana)


Taarab is a music genre popular in Tanzania and Kenya. It is influenced by the musical traditions of the African Great Lakes, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent.
Zein Musical Party - Binti Mombasa (Zanzibar/Kenya)


Vigüela take their tradition with accuracy and show it is a living music, full of joy, and showing it doesn´t need to be denatured to divulge it.
Vigüela - Malagueña Sorda de Javi de Nerpio (Spain)

Safar 04-20-2022 04:51 AM


Safar 04-30-2022 11:10 PM


Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo (born July 3, 1945) is a musician nicknamed "The Lion of Zimbabwe" and "Mukanya" (the praise name of his clan in the Shona language) for his immense popularity and for the political influence he wields through his music, including his sharp criticism of the government of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. He both created and made popular Chimurenga music, and his slow-moving style and distinctive voice is instantly recognisable to Zimbabweans.
Thomas Mapfumo - Chikonzero (Zimbabwe)


When I first listened to the sound of mbira music, I wanted to hear more and more of it. I was ill for two years, suffering from a very painful heart, a pain that vanished the day when I learned how to play.
Stella Chiweshe - Chachimurenga (Zimbabwe)

Lisnaholic 05-01-2022 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by Safar (Post 2204237)
Thomas Mapfumo - Chikonzero (Zimbabwe)

^ This leisurely-paced track really suited my mood this Sunday morning. Thanks, Safar.

Konono #1 are from Kinshasa (Dem Rep of Congo), but if you like the sound of thumb-piano you may like it too:-

Safar 05-02-2022 04:53 AM

@Lisnaholic Great, the last couple of days my early, sunny mornings with a cup of Coffee in my hand, were energized by Thomas Mapfumo, peppered with the Gumbé music of Patcheco de Gumbé posted on page 2, flavored with the Italian vibes of Maria Moramarco`s stunning singing.


This is religious singing, from the oral tradition of Alta Murgia in Bari, just above the heel of Italy.
Maria Moramarco - San Jacque de Galizia (Italy)

Lisnaholic 05-07-2022 04:58 PM

Haha! That's interesting to hear about your sunny mornings, Safar. Yes, Maria M has a beautiful voice.

Here's another exquisite piece of singing, but from the German group Vox, recorded in 1992:-


This is religious singing, from the oral tradition of Alta Murgia in Bari, just above the heel of Italy.
I once passed through Bari in younger days, taking a ferry from there to Greece. Valparaiso, though, I don't know, but if a song and a couple of photos are sufficient motivation, I'd like to pay it a visit:-

Safar 05-13-2022 06:47 AM


The Zarbang ensemble was formed in 1996 in Germany to explore and promote percussion music. Rooted in the ancient cultural heritage of Iran, Afghanistan, and Italy, and well-versed in western classical music, Zarbang musicians bring together a wide spectrum of skills, techniques, and traditions from different cultures.

Zarbang - Zarbi-e-Raast

Vetiver 07-09-2022 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by ando here (Post 2196897)


Thanks for posting this. Another new Brazilian outfit I'll be keeping tabs of in future.

Ayn Marx 07-09-2022 08:22 PM

[QUOTE=Lisnaholic;2204515]Haha! That's interesting to hear about your sunny mornings, Safar. Yes, Maria M has a beautiful voice.

Here's another exquisite piece of singing, but from the German group Vox, recorded in 1992:-

Stumbling across superb music like this a one of the joys of this sight. Do we know if this is an ancient or modern work? Abbess Hildegard von Bingen would be tickled pink with this .

Vetiver 07-11-2022 02:18 PM

My last foreign language album discovery. A '70s gem from Argentina.

Guybrush 07-13-2022 09:41 AM

A bit of folk / world music from Norway :)

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